The best Barça in years! X-ray of the culé exhibition in the Classical

FC Barcelona celebrated the first title of the 2022-2023 season after winning, with an authentic display, against Real Madrid. Xavi Hernández’s men indisputably dominated the White House, which did not know how to react to the blaugrana’s plan and made a long list of mistakes so that, with more solvency than expected, Barça was proclaimed Super Champion of Spain, a trophy that He had not won since 2018.

The Catalans have had to wait one year, eight months and 23 days to get back on top and celebrate a title. They had done it, for the last time, on April 17, 2021 with the Copa del Rey, under the orders of Ronald Koeman. It has seemed like an eternity, but Barça has once again celebrated in style and hits the table, making it clear that the Xavi era is just beginning… and that it will be very positive for the Catalans.

It was the blow of confidence that the culés needed after several setbacks in recent years, but it is also worth analyzing how they have achieved it, against the current League and Champions League champions. LThe White House did not know how to react to Xavi’s plan and was left without answers before an absolute dominance of the culés that began, without opposition, in the center of the field.

Pedri and Gavi explain, to a large extent, Barça’s victory and solvency against their eternal rival. Both, in a big and important appointment, left an exhibition on the field of play, dominating, minimizing and controlling the ‘brains’ of Madrid, Toni Kroos and Luka Modric. With the two chasing them, the culé team overcame lines, stood out and played what they wanted, starting in the boots of the two ‘Golden Boys’ of the culé team.

Offensive power… And how great, Araújo!

In addition to the fact that Barça was very successful in getting the ball out and that they dedicated themselves, in ninety minutes and without lowering their guard, to pressing very high to stifle Madrid, one of the keys to the game has been defensive forcefulness and, above all, everything, Ronald Araújo’s work to stop the most decisive weapon in the White House, Vinicius Jr. He denied him any kind of incursion into the area and ‘crushed’ him.

This factor completely reduced the chances of a Madrid team that had the lines very separated and that failed to connect with a Karim Benzema that played isolated and that, practically, only appeared in the play of the goal in discount. Merit of a Barça that covered him very well and did not leave him alone at any time.

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