The best exercises for shoulders

Showing off defined and toned arms and shoulders is possible with a proper exercise routine.

Having a smooth abdomen, showing off hard and well-placed buttocks, and, above all, avoiding flaccidity is on the wish list of a large part of the population. However, few will reach their goal without a good diet and an exercise routine. Because, basically, we talk about health. Have we mentioned the arms? Maintaining slim and toned arms and shoulders are also among our goals.

Strength, Stamina and Agility There are three characteristics that, to achieve them, you have to work on them. And, when we apply them to the shoulders, the result couldn’t be better: we keep injuries and horrible pain away from the upper back area, as well as getting attractive arms

When exercising, it is very important to assess our previous physical condition in order to properly choose the equipment and weights that suit us. There will be time to increase the intensity as we gain strength and resistance. Of course, we must not overload the muscles or neglect stretching.

We show you a selection of best exercises for shoulderswhich must be executed with the proper technique to avoid injury.

frontal exercise with disc

It is a very simple but effective exercise. Its main function is to give resistance and strength to the shoulder; Fundamentally works the frontal area. To do it all you need is one disk it doesn’t have to be too heavy. You can even take some other alternative object that we have at home.

The technique consists of hold the disc in the middle with both hands and stretch your arms forward, forming a right angle – 90 degrees – with the trunk. Now you just have to hold the position for 15 seconds and gradually increase them. In total, three series of 15 seconds each are performed. It may seem like a very easy exercise, but as the repetitions are performed the frontal region of the shoulder begins to feel the pressure, a sign that it is working and gaining strength and resistance.

A alternative to this activity are dumbbell front raises.

This exercise must be complemented with others that affect the lateral and anterior muscles.

Dumbbell Lateral Raises

It is a very efficient exercise to keep the shoulders toned. Dumbbell lateral raises work the anterior and middle deltoids, as long as the exercise is performed correctly.

To execute it without danger of injury it is The starting position is important. You have to separate the legs at the height of the width of the shoulders and flex them slightly. The head has to draw a straight line with the body. As for the movement, the wrists in no case should pass the height of the shoulders. The scapulae must be raised when raising the arms and the thumbs must point down in the high phase of the exercise.

A frequent mistake is to rest the arms resting the dumbbells on the thighs. The exercise loses effectiveness.

3 series of 12 repetitions will be enough 2 or 3 days a week, combined with other exercises.

As with all exercises with weights, it is important choose the right load to work the muscles efficiently.

Press front with bar

Another perfect exercise to strengthen shoulders ishe press front with bar In addition to working the shoulder area, the anterior, middle and posterior deltoids, the triceps and the pectorals will also be trained.

In the initial position you have to separate the legs to the extent of the shoulders, with the abdomen and buttocks well contracted, and the back straight, without arching it. We start the exercise with the bar at shoulder height and, as we exhale, fully extend the shoulders up, over the head, in a single movement. Returning to the initial position, we inhale. 4 series of 12 or 15 repetitions will be enough.

It is important do not propel yourself with your legs, do not make small jumps, but the strength has to be born from the shoulders themselves. Once again, it is essential to choose the right weight of the bar.

Press seated soldier with dumbbells

ANDl press Dumbbell workout can be done sitting or standing. For those who are just starting out, it is recommended to start with the seated version. This exercise works several muscle groups, especially the anterior, middle, and rear deltoids, biceps, trapezius, rhomboid, and chest. So the back and chest are also worked.

To put it into practice You need a chair with a back and some dumbbells. It is important that both the buttocks and the back remain well attached to the backrest so that the pressure applied is with the shoulders and not with the chest. In the starting position, the elbows should be slightly forward in front of the chest profile line. When raising the dumbbells, do not extend your arms all the way. Breathing is very important: we exhale when going up and inhale when going down.

It is proven that, if we do the exercise standing up, the effort will be more intense, since you have to find the balance of the whole body. In this case, it is important to open the legs in line with the shoulders and slightly bend the knees so as not to load them.

Dumbbell Neck Row

Another of the best exercises to work the shoulders is called row to the neck, or to the chin, with dumbbells. It must be taken into account that other muscle groups are also worked, so is very complete. And, besides, relatively simple. The important thing is to choose the right weight and maintain a good posture.

The first thing is to separate the legs and semi-flex the knees. The core, abdomen and buttocks must be tight and keep the back straight. The hands should keep a distance of a span, approximately. You have to raise the arms with the dumbbells close to the body, opening the elbows, up to the height of the neck. It is important that the elbows do not rise above the shoulders. The movement must be very controlled and conscious, with the gaze forward. When holding the dumbbells, they should be parallel to the ground.

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