The best exercises to say goodbye to low back pain

Sitting, lying down or standing. Lumbago is one of the most common chronic pain. It is a localized pain —usually in the lower back— that produces alterations in the lumbar causing pain to the patient. It can appear for various reasons, although among the most common is aging, poor posture, carrying more weight than it should or a sedentary lifestyle. As indicated in ‘Guidelines for Action and Follow-up (PAS) in Acute Cervical and Lumbar Pain’, lumbar pain accounts for “30% of all cases of acute pain”.

Low back pain can present with different symptoms. Either from a slight tingling to intense pain that prevents full mobility of the back. There are painkillers and muscle relaxants that relieve low back pain, but if you are looking to prevent its appearance in the medium and long term, specific physical exercises can become your best ally.

exercises for low back pain

Exercises that tone the back, improve mobility in the area, and stretch the muscles of the upper body will help alleviate, prevent, and disappear, as far as possible, low back pain.

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Spending many hours sitting results in muscle pain and poor body posture.

Beautiful young woman wearing black sportswear practicing yoga, relaxing in Knees to Chest pose, doing Apanasana exercise, sporty girl working out at home or in yoga studio with gray walls


knees to chest

Stretched out on the floor face up on a mat we bring the knees towards the chest. Next, we hug the knees sticking them to our chest. We maintain the position for a few seconds and relax the area. You can repeat this exercise for 3 times to release tension.

Young sporty attractive woman practicing yoga, doing asana paired with Cow Pose on the inhale exercise, Cat, Marjaryasana pose, working out, wearing sportswear, indoor full length, white yoga studio (Young sporty attractive woman practicing yoga, doin


cat pose – cow

This exercise is very common in yoga since it is possible to stretch both the back and the lower back in a simple way. On a mat, get on all fours placing your hands under your shoulders —keeping your arms straight—, your knees under your hips and your gaze downwards. Next, inhaling through the nose, round the back, bringing the chin to the chest. Hold the position for a couple of seconds and exhale, returning your back and chin to their starting position. You can perform this exercise several times to perceive the relaxation of the lower back.



bridge pose

Lie on your back on a mat, bending your knees but keeping your feet flat. Take the buttock off the mat, yes, keeping the palms of the hands glued to the ground. Push the buttocks up, hold the position for a few seconds and return to the start. In addition to relieving the lower back, with this exercise you will strengthen the buttocks.

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