The Best Female Album Trilogies Ever

among the best trilogies of female albums in history is Beyoncé, Shakira and Madonna and for now, they are the queens in the music industry.

It is known that in this last year women took over the music and the thrones in it, because only with great successes and hits that we did not see coming but that were a revolution did they become the queens of an entire industry, leaving clear girl power.


But it has not only been due to the recent successes that many singers have had, but throughout their entire career they have been crowned as some of the best artists in their genres and with their own styles, revealing the results in their greatest albums. .

Beyoncé and Shakira among the best female album trilogies

According to an internet user @sergioopina_ who tends to talk about pop culture and give a lot of musical data, it has brought to light a truth that we have all been seeing in recent years and also in previous years in which it had not been recognized both women of music.


And it is that according to what he said about the trilogies of female albums, Beyoncé and Shakira cannot be missing from this list, who have managed to launch 3 consecutive albums in their career that were too successful in the industry.

In the case of Beyoncé, whom she places at number 2 on her top, she launched Beyonce in 2013, lemonade in 2016 and Renaissance in 2022, three albums that, although separated by many years, were the ones that gave the singer her title as the biggest Grammy winner in history, since her experiment in trying new sounds worked for her.

On the other hand, there is also Shakira, who managed to position her career just when it was almost beginning, since it was success after success and her time was around the mid-90s and 2000s, since she launched Barefoot in 1995, Where are the thieves? in 1998 and Laundry service in 2001, which were very successful albums and gave the Colombian the throne.

Among other singers there is also Madonna who released her very successful trilogy of albums in the late 90s, Björk also in the mid 90s, Aretha Franklin in the late 60s, Mariah Carey also during the 90s and many more women. who managed to position themselves in the industry.

However, it seems that today despite the trilogies of female albums that happened years ago, there are those who continue to claim that today Beyoncé and Shakira are the queens of music. What do you think?

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