The best foods to eat after exercising

We all know that the diet is not a whim or a coincidence, but there are foods that at certain times are better than others. When it comes to exercising or playing sports, it is not a trivial matter either, especially in summer. With the arrival of the holidays and the good weather, we can be tempted to do more exercise.

It is not bad, logically, although sometimes it can catch us in poor shape or, sometimes, somewhat unprepared. The reality is that during the summer we increase our physical activity by up to 20%, giving free rein to a collection of sports that lend themselves more easily to the vacation months.

It’s time to enjoy the beach and pool and, therefore, of swimming, but the reality is that other sports such as cycling, running or those that are practiced with a racket (mainly paddle tennis or tennis) are also growing. Then it also happens with other water sports such as surfing, an exercise full of advantages, which is ideal for this season.

What happens is that our new habits, not always beneficial, we must add certain obstacles. For example, insufficient nutrition or a lower quality of sleep. Also certain toxic habits such as consuming more alcohol or risks associated with summer such as heat waves can become bad friends of our summer sport.

For these reasons, improving the diet and taking foods that help us recover more easily after exercise are key in how we nourish ourselves in summer. Let us think that we lose electrolytes or that we burn more energy, or that we even eat less due to less appetite. All this transferred to the table means risking certain weaknesses that should be avoided through certain foods.

We must not forget either, as explained from, online store specializing in the sale of health and beauty products, that “doing sports at high temperatures usually poses a risk to our body, since basal temperature rises, and this can cause very serious consequences for the organism».

A reality that is characterized by an increase in body temperature, where «it is compensated by thermoregulatory actions such as sweating or increased blood flow”, which is why they explain that “if this is combined with a hot environment, dehydration, heat stroke, hyperthermia or even syncope can occur.”

To all this you have to add increased sweating (up to 30% more than in the rest of the year), which added to the loss of water and energy supposes added risks for our body in the summer months. For this reason, when we finish playing sports, it is essential that the replenishment is complete in terms of moisturizing and nutrition. To do this, from they suggest a list of foods that should not be missing from the shopping list of athletes in summer.

What foods to eat after exercising in summer

Hydration is the great key to sport in summer, but it is not enough, but also the replenishment of electrolytes and mineral salts. For example, after intense physical exertion It would not be worth just drinking water, because we run the risk of further diluting the mineral salts that are at a minimum after intense sweating.

It is also important to be well fed, because it is through food that we get that fuel, be it fats, proteins or carbohydrates, that will get us going. In addition, after exercise, our glycogen stores are low, especially when we have spent all those that have a high glycemic index which are the fastest convert into energy.

For this reason, foods such as fruits, vegetables, and certain meats they can do us a lot of good in our post-workout lunches or dinners, whatever they are. For this reason, from they recommend that we include these six foods in our summer diet.


Best foods to eat after exercise sport
Avocado exerts a cardioprotective effect thanks to its unsaturated fats. ©Unsplash.

avocado not just a calorie bomb at the expense of its monounsaturated fats, but also of nutrients, of course. In addition, its intake involves the incorporation of antioxidant vitamins such as C and E into our diet.

In the same area, the presence of vitamin B6 should be stressed, which helps to minimize the effect of tiredness and fatigue. In the same way, we are also talking about one of the foods richest in potassium, which contributes to the correct water balance of our body, key during periods of maximum sweating. In a similar sense, it helps control the normal functioning of the muscles, so a salad, toast or a simple guacamole (like this recipe that we offer you) can come in handy.


Best foods to eat after exercise sport
The banana is one of the kings of potassium, an essential mineral in the water balance of our body. ©Unsplash.

Surely you have seen tennis players like Rafa Nadal or Carlos Alcaraz take more than one bite of a banana during a tennis match. It does not surprise us, because it is again one of the kings of potassium, a mineral that is very relevant to avoid cramps, both while training and after.

Caloric fruit where there are, incorporate it into our routine after exercising It supposes an extra of carbohydrates that we cannot disdain. For both adults and children, potassium also incorporates a significant amount of vitamin B6, which we have already explained helps reduce fatigue. In addition, its consumption is very simple, since it can be desserts, snacks, snacks or accompanied by other fruits or dairy products.


Best foods to eat after exercise sport
Lentils are a source of non-heme iron that we can improve with the presence of rice. ©Unsplash.

As humble as they are functional, lentils have been part of the foods of our lives since early childhood and, curiously, athletes can also use them. Perhaps in summer we are not in the mood for some stewed lentils —we can understand that—, but you can eat them in a salad or turn them into a kind of hummus and they will be just as delicious.

Among its advantages we can mention the relatively high presence of vegetable proteins, which will come in handy after exercising. In addition, the non-heme iron that we have always associated with them supposed to contribute to the formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin. Of course it should be mentioned that they are rich in fiber, a virtue that after exercise, when hunger strikes, allows us to be more satisfied and not fall into the temptation of binge eating.


Best foods to eat after exercise sport
Salmon is a source of protein of high biological value, in addition to also having unsaturated fats. ©Unsplash.

In any of its versions, salmon is one of the fish protein best friends for athletes. We could also think of other summer blue fish such as mackerel, sardines or anchovies, but within these foods, the most available is usually salmon, and it is also very easy to eat and prepare.

It has a significant amount of omega-3 fatty acid, which has a cardioprotective effect, and a very high dose of proteins of high biological value, which It will come in handy for the regeneration and recovery of our muscles. In a similar way, like good fish, its phosphorus and iodine content are relevant to avoid soreness and keep bones and muscles in good condition.

Marinated, smoked, grilled, baked or en papillote, salmon is one of those foods that are all versatile and do not require being a cook (for those preparations that are already ready to eat), in addition to being easily accompanied by friendly cuisines such as Japanese -let’s not forget sushi- and the advantage of knowing that it does not have anisakis.


Best foods to eat after exercise sport
The satiating power of walnuts can come in handy after a long day of sports so as not to stuff ourselves. ©Unsplash.

The world of nuts also comes to the rescue of those exhausted athletes. Especially if we talk about nuts, one of the more complete foods that we can find both gastronomically and nutritionally. Its advantages can also be extrapolated to different times of consumption, so they can come in handy as a snack after playing sports or to include it at lunch and dinner.

Satiating by nature, the consumption of nuts is more recommended after exercise because they are quite filling and their digestion is slow. Once in our body, we can benefit from the omega-3 that these foods include —as in the case of oily fish—, but also from their vitamins and the amount of energy they provide through their unsaturated fats.


Best foods to eat after exercise sport
Although it may not seem like it, broccoli is a great source of vitamin C. ©Unsplash.

Let’s not be afraid of broccoli, an ingredient and food that, if respected, can be tastier than we usually think. Steaming or lightly sautéing will suffice to take advantage of its flavor, its texture and its benefits without falling into overcooking.

Athletes applaud their presence in the diet at the expense of the amount of vitamin C it includes —which favors the absorption of iron—, in addition to potassium or calcium, an element that our bones demand. They are also foods with a high fiber load, which translates into slow digestion that causes a great satiating effect and their character as food for our intestinal microbiota, where it exerts a probiotic function.

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