The best Netflix horror movies of this 2022

The company of “the big red N” updates its catalog month by month, standing out with a wide difference in content quantity from the rest of the competitors in the streaming. More than 5,000 titles that combine the content of other producers with the original created by the platform itself. Now, we are going to go over the best Netflix horror movies that we can see in this 2022:

‘Terror Street Trilogy’

In fact there are three feature films, but it is the most serious bet on horror that Netflix has made in its history. Part 1 is set chronologically at 1994the immediate sequel tells a story of 1978 and the third goes back to 1666. All this connected by the story of a group of young people trying to understand why their city seems to be cursed. Based on the book by R. L. Stine It has been understood as a tribute to the slasherwith what if scream, Friday the 13th either Nightmare in Elm street you like them, you’ll love this trilogy.

‘Choose or die’

It was one of the revelations between the horror movies of this 2022. choose or die tells the story of a broke college girl who decides to play a survival game from the 80s. passing his tests will take $ 125,000, but not everything is going to be a simple game, and this AI curses her with terrifying moments. It is at that moment that she realizes that she is not playing for the money, but for her own survival.

‘Blood Red Sky’

This German film has elements of a thriller, but also hides traces of vampire terrorwhen a group of terrorists hijack a plane and what is least expected is that a woman reveals a dark secret to protect her son.

‘The appearance of things’

Starring amanda seyfried, the appearance of things It is based on the homonymous novel by Elizabeth Brundage in which a couple from Manhattan move to a historic village in the Hudson Valley. Shortly after moving house, they discover that their marriage bears an ominous parallel that rivals the history of their new home.

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