The best of Michelle Rodriguez’s car collection

Michelle Rodriguez not only drives the fastest and furious cars on the big screen, in real life, we also see her behind the wheel of her excellent machines. Today at Tork, we will show you the most exclusive models in the actress’s collection. Slide and find out more!

Michelle Rodriguez She is an actress recognized for her different roles in both film and television. She managed to play Ana Lucia in the series lost Already Letty Ortiz in the american saga Fast and Furious. Her successful jobs as her tough and rebellious girl have led her to possess an amazing estate of 30 million dollars.

This great fortune is due, for the most part, to his exclusive collection of high-end cars. Today in torkwe will show you the best details about the models that complete the garage of the Texas-born:

1) Lamborghini Aventador

Michelle next to the red Lamborghini.

One of the most striking cars of the actress. The Lamborghini Aventador count with one 6.5L V12 engine which provides a power of 769 horsepower. In addition, it reaches acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3 seconds.

2) Ferrari 488GT

Michelle Rodríguez in Las Vegas with her Ferrari.

Another jewel within the collection is this Ferrari 488 GTBwhich has a 4.5-liter V8 engine which allows a maximum power of 562 horsepower. The American decided to drive this vehicle of approximately 250 thousand dollars at a race in Las Vegas.

3) Jaguar F-type

Michelle Rodríguez next to the Jaguar F-Type.

Michelle drove this car in one of her movies and loved it so much that she now has one in her garage. The Jaguar F Type count with one 5.0L V8 engine which generates a power of 575 hp. In addition, it travels up to a speed of 323km/h and mark a time 3.5 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km/h.

Definitely, the 44-year-old actress has managed to use her salaries to satisfy her fanaticism for luxury and speed. It also has more “simple” models such as the Mercedes Benz S-Class and the Toyota Priusin which we see her daily on the streets of the United States.

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