The best perfumes for women for Valentine’s Day gifts

The fragrance has a masterful quality about people. It can evoke memories, wake up, calm and energize the user, depending on their own taste for scent. The fragrances are divided as fresh, woody, amber and floral. Imagine yourself fresh as freshly laundered sheetswoody like a walk in the woods, amber like cinnamon with a touch of vanilla and floral that is to say ’nuff’.

Then you get into the three notes, like a pyramid. You have your top notes that your nose gets hit with right away, the middle notes are the scents that follow, and the base notes are the ones that will remain after an hour or so of use. Top notes tend to be citrus and floral notes, while base notes tend to be deeper scents like wood or vanilla, says Mens and Health magazine.

So how do you choose the best fragrance for your girlfriend, wife or partner for Valentine’s Day? One way to start is to notice what you tend to smell like on a regular basis. juicy apple? Fresh margaritas? Your favorite bar of soap? Take note of how you like to smell and use it to make an informed purchase. Second, what are some of your favorite things to eat or do? Do you love to bake sugar cookies? Choose an intense vanilla scent. Is she a wine enthusiast? Deep fruity aromas may be more your jam. Here some suggestions.

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Valentino, Donna Born In Rome Eau de Parfum

Don’t be scared by the hyper-feminine name of this fragrance. She has a fruity edge that even a tomboy would love. Inspired by the spirit of Italian women, this fragrance has fruity notes of blackcurrant, jasmine flower, and bourbon vanilla for a slightly floral fragrance with an exciting twist.

Billie Elish Eau de Parfum

The bottle alone of this fragrance is a winner. Eilish, Billie Eilish’s debut fragrance, is an intense scent of vanilla with spice, cocoa, and woods at the base, topped off with sugary sweet florals, berries, and a bit of mandarin orange for a formulated blend that is an almost universal crowd-pleaser.

Viktor & Rolf, Flowerbomb Ruby Orchid Eau de Parfum

Perfume is like a vivid garden in a bottle. Its top notes, ruby ​​orchid and peach, create a juicy and delicious aroma that you will literally want to drink. Described as a “carnal scent for a femme fatale,” this fragrance is for a woman who isn’t afraid to let her smell first.

Tom Ford, Eau de Parfum Lost Cherry

Described as a “man-eater” fragrance on TikTok, this perfume is for a woman who owns her sexy. In the gourmand family, this perfume has edible notes like black cherry liqueur, tonka bean in the vanilla family, and almond, making it a misty cherry bomb with a scent even you won’t resist.

Casa Margiela, ‘REPLICA’ By the Fireplace Eau de Parfum

From her Replica line, this fragrance has all the romantic notes you could dream of: cozy vanilla, warm chestnut, and spicy citrus for an almost aphrodisiac fragrance that you’ll love just as much as she does.

Beauty Huda, Elixir Kayali

I would compare this scent to the twilight of fragrances. Rose and juicy red apple come together to create a sweet and seductive aroma that would make even the most stoic person blush. In the warm floral family, treat a vampy girl to this slightly gothic scent that will have you both partying all night this Valentine’s Day.

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