The best Prime Video movies and TV series of 2021

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The best Prime Video 2021 titles

The services of online streaming of movies and TV series have produced many quality titles in the course of 2021 that has just ended. It has been a year full of news for Prime Video. Users have had dozens and dozens of exclusive films and TV series available, which have satisfied all tastes and covered the various genres. Who missed some of the most beautiful and successful titles, here is a list with the best Prime Video movies and TV series of 2021. The platform offers a one month free trial for new members, so that they can familiarize themselves with the service and get a taste of the exclusive products.


This genre film science fiction, written and directed by Mike Cahill, tells the love story twisted between Greg and Isabel, played by Owen Wilson and Salma Hayek. The two meet after Greg’s divorce, who has also just been fired. Isabel is a mysterious woman who believes in some conspiracy theories according to which the world in which they live is the fruit of one digital simulation. As the two get to know each other and the story unfolds, it turns out that she might be right after all.


Directed by director Michael Pearce, the film tells the story of Malik, played by Riz Ahmed, a marine undertaking a mission with the purpose of save his children from a threat of alien origin that is about to invade the planet. The journey the three are forced to take will lead them to increasingly dangerous destinations. A title that combines the psychological realism at the science fiction.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight – The Green Knight

Written, directed, produced and edited by David Lowery, the 2021 film is inspired byeponymous chivalric poem which dates back to the fourteenth century. Dev Patel plays Gawain, grandson of King Arthur, the protagonist of this story. The young, reckless and stubborn, meets the Green Knight, a character halfway between a plant and a man. The latter throws one at him challenge, which will lead Gawain to behead him and leave for a adventure travel. Over the course of the film, a historical fantasy, the events that the protagonist will have to face are told.

Nine complete strangers

There thriller series set in Australia is taken from book of the same name by Liane Moriarty, created by David E. Kelley and John Henry Butterworth. Nicole Kidman she plays Masha, the director of the center Tranquillum House, a house where the protagonists will come to relieve stress and embark on a path to reduce the stress of everyday life. The “patients” of the clinic will have to deal with gods unconventional methods and trials to test their will to change things.


Designed by David Weil, Solos it’s a anthological series divided into seven parts. Each episode tells different aspects of being human. Defined as a Black Mirror of emotions, the Prime Video title counts with a stellar cast, among which we find Anne Hathaway Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, Dan Stevens. The protagonists, between past and future, tell of the isolation that one can find oneself living. An intense plot, which tells how the human experience unites us, even in the most difficult situations.

THEM – Them

This US horror title was conceived by Little Marvin and produced by Lena Waithe. The series, divided into ten episodes, tells the story of a black family that over the years 1950s, during the period known as “The great migration”, moves to Los Angeles in a white neighborhood. Here, the protagonists collide with harsh reality. The new home will be theepicenter of evil and the neighbors of the neighborhood will be willing to do anything to make them go away.

Kevin Can F Himself

Conceived by Valerie Armstrong and produced by Will McCormack and Rashida Jones, the series is one dark comedy which tells the story of the protagonist Allison McRoberts. Played by Annie Murphy, the character will find himself turning his life around. The change will be told in the course of eight episodes that make up the Prime Video series. A title ironic, which makes us reflect on the injustices of life.

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