“The best product to take care of the skin is sunscreen”

Doctor Fátima Rivas (Pontevedra, 1980) came to Compostela to study at the university and here he has created his family and has developed another facet with which he reaches the recognition of a good number of followers.

Through its social networks, in which it has more than 33,000 followers, it raises awareness of the importance of skin care and sun protection and brings the novelties of dermocosmetics from a professional and rigorous point of view, but without losing the sense of humor and creativity that so characterizes the content that Fátima creates.

How did the idea of ​​creating content on networks come about and how do you combine it with your work, your guards, family…?

Well, in reality, it all started when we opened the social networks of the Gómez-Ulla Pharmacy, of which my husband Alejandro is the owner, and so that his century-old pharmacy could continue to be in contact with pilgrims, travelers and people from Santiago. At first I was in charge of the technical part but being a pharmacy specialist in dermo, and by trying the products myself, as a doctor I became curious, I started studying, taking courses and even a master’s degree in aesthetic medicine! So I started recording videos in my bathroom after putting my kids to bed or when I was off duty…. Sometimes it is complicated because designing, recording and editing a one-minute video can take half an hour. I steal hours from sleep, with what I like to sleep…

In addition to disclosing on your profile, you do advice and beauty routines, a podcast… What else would you like to do? A book…?

Well, I have a few things in mind, I want to return to the “En tu Piel” podcast in the fall, giving it a new twist to talk about dermocosmetics and aesthetic medicine in a different way. I always listen to a podcast when I go to work, for a walk, while I do things at home… It is a format that also allows me to talk more in depth about certain topics compared to social networks. Sometimes I write, it relaxes me and helps me when I’m nervous, who knows, maybe one day I’ll compile it in a book, but it would be something more personal than what I’ve shown so far.

Those of us who have been following you for a long time know that you are crazy about double cleaning and sun protection, explain this to us a little better

Well, both are the two pillars of any skin care routine. If you haven’t cleaned your skin well at night (from traces of grease, dirt, pollution, cosmetics…) pimples, blackheads, dull skin, with texture may appear. In addition, everything you apply later will not be worth anything. Of course, cleaning must be effective but at the same time respectful of the skin. And double cleansing with the right cleansers for your skin achieves this. And it really hooks.

On the other hand, if you had to choose a product to take care of your skin, let it be sunscreen. It is the best anti-aging, anti-blemish, anti-acne, it strengthens sensitive skin and above all it is our only weapon against skin cancer. The pending subject that I see is to reapply frequently.

Speaking of sun protection… What myths do you find online? Do you think we are aware of the damage that the sun can cause on our skin? Does the skin have memory or actually the whole body?

Well, fortunately, more and more people are interested in using it daily and doing it well, but there is still a high percentage that never use sunscreen or use it only when they sunbathe. The skin has memory and we receive more than half of solar radiation before the age of 18. That is why I insist so much, for example, on teaching children from a young age to apply sunscreen well on a daily basis, just as we tell them how to brush their teeth after each meal. I was very surprised by the number of primary school children who admitted to having been burned when I went to give talks at my children’s school this year.

Unfortunately, many absurd myths still circulate on the internet and on social networks, such as sunscreens containing toxic substances or endocrine disruptors, when they are totally safe. They are also not better depending on whether they are chemical or physical, we only recommend inorganic filters more in children under 3 years of age and sensitive skin, because they are less likely to produce reactions in this delicate skin. Actually the best sunscreen is the one you put on daily in the right amount. Do not see the number of posts and videos that my followers send me with false information and recipes to make sunscreen at home….

We know that tanning booths have been banned in many countries. What is your opinion on that?

UVA booths, as they are often called, are cancer in a can. UVA radiation can produce spots, wrinkles, flaccidity and alters the DNA of our skin cells, producing cancerous lesions. They should at least put a big warning on them like they do with tobacco, so people know what they’re exposing themselves to before using them. Honestly, they don’t have any advantage, since nowadays you can achieve a nice and healthy tan quickly with self-tanners.

Is there any way to “prepare the skin” before the moment of tanning? Is there any news regarding medicine/cosmetics in this regard?

Of course, and they are not the cabins we were talking about before. The ideal is to expose yourself to the sun for a short time the first few times and avoid doing it between 12 and 4 in the afternoon. In fact, I know from the pharmacy products like a spray that prepares the skin and strengthens it and that it is a product that you can put on a few days before exposing yourself to the sun and before sunscreen. In addition, oral capsules are highly recommended, which act from the first day you take it to prevent aging, stains, allergies and increase resistance to the sun together with sunscreen. So I did not find out that this summer someone burns….

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