the best PS4 and PS5 games for less than five euros

The month of February will be anything but quiet. Within a few weeks, some of the most anticipated games of recent years will arrive on the market, including Elden Ring and Dying Light 2, and the portfolio must necessarily be safeguarded. Fortunately, the January sales are still active on the Playstation Store, thanks to which you can buy many games by spending very little. Don’t believe it? So here’s to you 5 great games that can be purchased for less than 5 euros that you absolutely cannot ignore: you have until 00:59 on January 20 to buy them at a bargain price!

Bastion (3.74 euros)

Let’s start the review with a video game that, despite the more than ten years it carries on its back, is still incredibly current. On the other hand, great works never get old. We are talking about Bastion, debut title of the talented guys of Supergiant Games, who in much more recent times have delighted us with that little gem that responds to the name of Hades.

In a world torn apart by a surreal catastrophe Known as the “Calamity”, the unnamed protagonist is called upon to travel through dozens and dozens of hand-painted levels, wield a vast arsenal of upgradeable weapons, and battle a multitude of wild beasts in order to uncover the cause of the apocalypse.

Bastion is an isometric action action RPG which at the time of its release renewed the concept of plot in games by presenting us with a reactive narrator who evaluates every move of the player. It stands out not only for the gaudy watercolor style graphics, whose stylistic code has also been revived in subsequent Supergiant Games productions, but also for a well-balanced gameplay and a critically acclaimed soundtrack. The New Game + mode, for its part, invites you to stay attached to the pad well beyond the approximately 8 hours required to complete the main campaign. Read our Bastion review.

Celeste (€ 4.99)

Heavenly is a two-dimensional single player adventure game with a strong narrative component, with charismatic characters and a moving story that tells of a journey in search of oneself. You play as Madeline, a fearless girl determined to face her inner demons on a journey to the top of Heavenly Mountain, full of pitfalls and secrets to discover.

Maddy Thorson and Noel Berry’s production is a pixel art marvel with heart and brain: on the one hand it offers a delicate tale about depression and the meaning of existenceon the other hand, an ingenious level design with a challenge rate well above the average. A real hymn to not being conditioned by difficulties, whether it is a series of jumps to the limit of the impossible or the anxiety that paralyzes in everyday life. You will know more by reading our review of Celeste.

Nex Machina (€ 4.99)

The youngest among you, probably, have only known Housemarque in recent times thanks to Returnal, an exclusive PS5 whose quality has convinced Sony to incorporate the studio into the PlayStation Studios family. You must know, in any case, that before this new phase of their history, Finnish boys were universally recognized as the undisputed masters of the shoot ’em’ up genre, and Nex Machina is arguably one of their best works.

Developed in collaboration with Eugene Jarvis, pioneer of the industry who gave birth to classics such as Defender and Robotron, Nex Machina is a real tribute to the arcade genre, a dual-stick shooter all about voxels and explosions endowed with a superfine playability that requires reflexes at the limit of human capacity, a lot of dedication and sweat: the latest arcade of Housemarque is devoid of a proper story and it is dedicated solely to those in constant pursuit of perfection. The experience is made even more overwhelming by an anthology soundtrack with electronic and pounding sounds. More details can be found in the Nex Machina review.

Resident Evil HD (€ 4.99)

Nice Resident Evil Village, right? However, it is the latest in a very long series of games whose origins date back to the last millennium. If you have only recently approached Capcom’s horror series, then you absolutely must go to where it all began, in the terrifying, labyrinthine and mysterious. Villa Spencer. The entrance ticket costs only 4.99 euros.

Resident Evil HD is the remastered version of the GameCube remake of the first installment of the series. Complicated, right? Suffice it to say that thanks to it you can live the very first adventure of Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield, members of the Alpha Team forced to take refuge inside Villa Spencer after a rescue mission that went down the drain. In this iconic place you will come into contact with the infamous T-Virus, the result of a series of secret Umbrella experiments.

The remaster is incredibly faithful to the original material, which we remember being dated 2002, and only rejuvenates some mechanics that are too old, such as the system of movement of the characters. The rest remained intact, including the very famous fixed visuals – here embellished with high-resolution graphics – that historical fans of the saga so much regret. If you feel like taking a long journey from the past and are willing to come to terms with mechanics and rhythms far from modern standards, then there is nothing better than a timeless classic like Resident Evil.

Rayman Legends (4.99 euros)

We close our review with another game that does not feel the weight of the years at all. Rayman Legends is in no uncertain terms an outstanding 2D platformer, equipped as it is with an out-of-scale creativity, a brilliant level design and a variety of gameplay solutions with which even today very few are able to rival.

In addition to the fingertips, Rayman Legends also knows how to satisfy the eyes thanks to the UbiArt Framework, here at its peak, in which every stroke exudes an enviable love and attention to detail. Ancel’s Purple Eggplant has an innate passion for rhythm and stage a dance to the sound of jumps, punches, kicks and dunks which reaches its peak in the stupendous musical levels, among the highest points of production. To embellish the adventure there is also a substantial selection of the best levels taken from the previous chapter, Origins. Among our pages you will find the review of Rayman Legends.

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