The best singing and karaoke games (2023)

Videogames, as an interactive recreational medium, lend themselves a lot to social interaction with friends, which is why throughout history gamers have always been present in culture. musical titles. From dancing in the arcades to pretending to play an instrument, without a doubt one of the subgenres most popular of this aspect has been that of the karaoke type games. And it is that, frankly, sing great songs and trying to imitate our favorite artists is a very fun plan that can enliven any party in the company of friends.

so it is not surprising that we have lots of titles focused on music and voice. And if you have come this far, it is surely because you are interested in knowing the best, the most outstanding or those that are great options if you want. spend a lively evening with your colleagues. Pay attention because in this article we have selected the best games to sing of different few, platforms and likes musicals. You will surely find the ideal one for you!

Rock Band 4

  • Developer: Harmonix
  • Release date: October 6, 2015
  • Platforms: PS4 and Xbox One

The Serie rock band without a doubt it has been since its creation one of the most important music game sagas of the world. Rock Band 4 (the last main entry in the franchise to date) is probably one of the most more complete options in this sense. Logically, in this title we can sing as well as play several instruments, and the catalog of songs that it offers is very wide and varied, including backward compatibility with all the content previously published in the rest of the games. In addition, it should be noted that this title includes a singing modality capable of identifying our tuning and tonality, something that the most demanding will surely love.

Guitar Hero Live

  • Developer: FreeStyleGames
  • Release date: October 23, 2015
  • Platforms: PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii U, Android and iOS

The other great music franchise of international success who competed from tat against rock band it was guitar hero. In 2015 we also had the last major installment so far of this IP, with Guitar Hero Livea delivery well valued by criticism that it intended to function as a reboot, with important changes in the gameplay and overall gaming experience (like a revamped guitar that made the gameplay more challenging and realistic). A title that can not be missing at any party.

just sing

  • Developer: Ubisoft
  • Release date: September 8, 2016
  • Platforms: PS4 and Xbox One

After the success of Just DanceUbisoft devised a kind of spin-off dedicated franchise exclusively to singing with just sing. With more than 40 themes of different genres and the possibility of downloading DLC’s, just sing it’s a singing game fantastic to test our vocal cords either alone or in the company of friends. The title is capable of recognizing your vocal movements, qualifying your performance and if you wish, you can even make use of your smartphone to add different tones and filters to songs while creating your own music videos.

Let’s Sing 2023

  • Developer: Voxler
  • Release date: November 15, 2022
  • Platforms: PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

For lovers of karaoke titles, let’s sing is one of the current series that still keep up to date releases year after year The most recent installment Let’s Sing 2023offers more than 30 hits, up to 7 game modes, online competitions with a overall ranking, games for 8 simultaneous players and DLC’s that expand its content. Also, if you don’t have a microphone handy, you can use your smartphone directly to sing, so it’s very easy to give it your all while playing international artists such as Ed Sheeran, Karol G, Aitana or Lil Nas X.


  • Developer: iNIS
  • Release date: November 21, 2008
  • Platforms: Xbox 360

In its day the series lipsof Microsoftintends to compete directly with singstar either Karaoke Revolution. With a gameplay similar to that of these, players can sing both solo and in duo to demonstrate our skills with the microphone. The game included an option whereby you allowed add our own digital music from iPod or Zune via a USB drive, so the party always felt fresh and new. It must be said that it was not bad at all, since generated numerous versions for example Lips: Sing in Spanish.

Jam With The Band

  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Release date: May 21, 2010
  • Platforms: Nintendo DS

Jam With The Band was a very popular musical title among gamers of Nintendo DS thanks to the particular gameplay that it squeezed out of the touchscreen laptop of the time. With over 60 instruments to play with up to 8 players at once, the game also included the ability to make use of the integrated microphone on the console in a special karaoke mode for songs with lyrics. Magazine edge came to describe it as the best Nintendo DS game of recent times, and praise your difficulty compared to other rhythmic titles such as guitar hero.

Jam With The Band Singing Game

SingStar Celebration

  • Developer: SIE London Studio
  • Release date: November 29, 2017
  • Platforms: ps4

The franchise singstar was Sony’s bet in 2004 on karaoke games and also one of the most prolific franchises of this genre throughout the world. Thus, after many deliveries, we arrive at the most recent SingStar Celebrationsuch a title simple and direct as effective, who seeks nothing more than to entertain a sporadic party with friends. thanks to your system playlinkbesides, it is not even necessary to use microphones since what they are used are the mobiles to sing. The formula of the series is still intact, so it offers nothing new, but its selection of themes is good enough to please almost everyone.

Disney Sing It: Movie Hits

  • Developer: ZoMode
  • Release date: 29 October 2010
  • Platforms: PS3 and Nintendo Wii

Who has not ever sung the songs of the classic Disney animated movies? Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Beauty and The Beast… They all meet in Disney Sing It: Movie Hitsseries installment disney sing it centered on the most popular children’s films of the giant with ears. And be careful, because we also have successes of pixar Like Toy Story or Cars. Ideal for the whole family.

Karaoke Revolution

  • Developer: konami
  • Release date: February 11, 2010
  • Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii

Originally Karaoke Revolution It was a saga started by Harmonix and Blitz Games that would later integrate their voice technology into the game. rock band. The title used a new system to measure vocal pitch of the player, as well as his accuracy and rhythm. One of his great assets was the list of hits that he had as a repertoire, from artists like David Bowie to the Jackson 5, Lady Gaga, Rihanna or REM: in short, a total of 75 licensed songs for all tastes that could be sung in multiplayer with a maximum of 16 users (up to 8 online), there is nothing.

we sing

  • Developer: We Sing Productions
  • Release date: November 22, 2016
  • Platforms: PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

we sing was a title originally released on the Nintendo Wii, but received a version for next-generation consoles in 2016 with various improvementsincluding the possibility of singing up to 10 simultaneous players (yes, up to 10 voices at the same time). In general lines, the work offers what is expected within the genre, with six modes available to rate your favorite songs, solo or group competitions and an offer of video clips in the mode. jukebox to turn your console into a music channel.


  • Developer: Corvus5
  • Release date: November 29, 2009
  • Platforms: pc

UltraStar it was quite a phenomenon at the time. This computer game was about a emulation of the popular singstar that allows us to sing from the PC by connecting microphones to the sound card of our equipment (it should be remembered that karaoke games have not been seen frequently on computers). Users can add new songs by folders, add covers, video clips and much more. Although the original released its latest version in 2012, to this day today there are still communities like the UltraStar Spain that continues to support you on the internet.

UltraStar Singing Game

Def Jam Rapstar

  • Developer: Terminal Reality
  • Release date: November 25, 2010
  • Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii

Def Jam Rapstar It was sold at the time by Konami as “the only music game focused exclusively on Hip Hop”and it was almost true (previously there had already been Get On Da Mic). In this play we can sing and rap more than 40 mythical songs of the genre, rhyme their lyrics and even improvise on the fly in some cuts thanks to its functionality of freestyle. Rap fans will find in it a stupendous proposal with which they imitate the verses of their idolsfrom Snoop Dog to 50 Cent, going through Kanye West, 2 Pac, Dr. Dre or TI among many other greats.

boogie super star

  • Developer: EA Montreal
  • Release date: October 16, 2008
  • Platforms: Nintendo Wii

In the heyday of music games, and in the golden age of the Nintendo Wii, the console received boogie super stara karaoke title especially dedicated to the female audience with which EA tried to combine more than 40 “superhits international artists (among other artists were Katy Perry, Maroon 5, Alicia Keys or Britney Spears) with very showy dances that we can do thanks to the Wii’s motion sensors. The work also had character customization and modes for up to four players in which we could compete against friends.

Get On Da Mic

  • Developer: Eidos
  • Release date: 2004
  • Platforms: PS2 and Xbox

We have already mentioned it above Get On Da Mic was one of the titles pioneers in this karaoke and a very particular one on the part of Eidos since it focused exclusively on the hip hop genre. Although it received mostly unfavorable reviews and it must be admitted that the technology was not yet very advanced at that time, it is also quite a cult title for the rap culture that boasts a range of 40 legendary songs with Tupac, Public Enemy, Sugar Hill Gang or Salt-n-Pepa among its selected artists.

Get On Da Mic Singing Game

Let’s Sing presents Queen

  • Developer: Voxler
  • Release date: October 2, 2020
  • Platforms: PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

The legendary rock band Queen It is one of the most remembered and acclaimed of all time in part due to the impressive voice of the incomparable Freddie Mercury. However, even if Freddie is inimitable, we have all sung great songs What We will Rock You, I Want To Break Free, We Are The Champions either Another One Bites The Dust occasionally. In that sense Let’s Sing presents Queen comes to present the ultimate karaoke game from british band based on the already known gameplay of Voxler’s IP. For that alone, this game already deserves a place on this list.

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