The best songs about casinos performed by female artists

In fact, if you’re a gambler, check Casinochase for the best reviews, and if you also like music and prefer female voices, here are some songs about gambling and casinos sung by women.

poker face – Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is quick with lyrics, she has a captivating personality and her lyrics tend to be highly appreciated, whether for the explicit or the metaphorical; poker face bring both. Is the poker face about the game itself or is it more of an expression derived from poker? This is decided by the bettor who listens to it.

The song is more about the rhythmic beat that makes you dance and some allusions to gambling with phrases like “luck and intuition play cards with spades to begin with” and “you can’t read my poker face”. The song, which has a slightly ’80s-sounding sound, uses gambling metaphors to describe her bisexuality, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a perfect song while looking for some online casino.

The bet – Thalia

Although this song features the collaboration of the male performer Erik Rubin, we could not leave out one of the most successful artists in the history of Hispanic music. This 2012 issue tells us an interesting story of two lovers. The woman no longer wants to know anything about him while he insists that “now he is sincere.” For what is this? Well, it turns out that their relationship began due to a bet that he lost. An undoubtedly dramatic theme, but its random references make it a must for any gambler’s playlist.

Fun and Games –Kelsea Ballerini

Fun and Games by Kelsea Ballerini is a song about breakups and heartbreak filled with allegories and references to gambling. Kelsea begins on an upbeat note, telling her boyfriend that everything is fine, but when the lovers part, she changes her mind and now thinks one of them should relent.

Yet as she tries to find what’s right for her, she struggles to “distinguish the joker from the queen of hearts or the queen of spades” with allusions to poker. In the end, the same doubt seems to finish off the song, with Kelsea assuring us that everything is fine and that despite everything we will see our loved ones. A bit of an ambiguous song, but its gaming lines and country pop production make it ideal for those who play online.

waking up in vegas – Katy Perry

Katy Perry has undoubtedly been one of the most influential pop princesses and is known for writing her music. Her song Waking Up in Vegas is a fitting homage to Las Vegas and her sexy, but fleeting lifestyle. The song is one of the most recognized tributes to Las Vegas nightlife, parties, casinos and gambling.

Love Is a Losing Game – Amy Winehouse

This modern R&B song depicts a woman who is dissatisfied and in love. Here he tells us that she gambled and won, but then lost as she holds a losing hand in love with her.

Winehouse wrote the song in 2006 about her turbulent relationship with then-boyfriend and future husband Blake Fielder-Civil. He was heavily criticized by fans as playing a crucial role in the drug abuse problems that led to Winehouse’s death. Although the song is somewhat sad, due to the artist’s undeniable talent as a performer and songwriter, it is considered one of the best songs with references to gambling.

queen of hearts –Juice Newton

Juice Newton describes the “queen of hearts” as a lady who has her in love but still torments her with card analogies. The singer is willing to go to any length to prove her love for her queen, singing that “the Joker isn’t the only jerk who’d do anything for you,” but she chafes when she’s denied the chance to fulfill her love for her. his queen.

Gregg Allman wrote the original song, which he dedicated to his second wife, Janice. Allman was prepared to go to great lengths for his queen of hearts, using poker as a benchmark for love.

The Dealer –Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks waited decades to release The Dealer, a song that examines existence itself. The song was written for Fleetwood Mac’s album Tusk, but was never released until much later. In this song, Stevie tells us that she is the dealer and shows herself to be the lady of fate, while we are the players waiting for her to deal a hand.

The most famous gambling songs are usually sung by men, but this list shows us that there are casino songs sung by women, which are very useful after we have checked the reviews seen on CasinoChase.

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