The best speech he has made during his career

In the year 2016, the singer 58-year-old Madonna was receiving the “woman of the year” award, and she took the stage with an incredible and inspiring prepared speech, which perhaps without knowing it, would become her best speech to date.

Well, recognizing the incredible work that she has done during all the years of her career, in which she has remained relevant and above all, 100% faithful to herself, that trust, that loyalty is what has inspired many generations to dare to be themselves. and not feel sorry for it.

The famous Madonna He began by thanking everyone for recognizing him, but also acknowledged that it was not easy to get to where he is, since he has suffered many attacks on him, including physical attacks when he was a teenager and was in New York.

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Halfway through her speech, the queen of pop told them about all the differences she noticed that there are between men and women in the music industry, as she stated that they have all the freedom to talk about what they want and will not have the public eye judging them, as well as a woman.

Madonna She has been and continues to be the most controversial woman in the business, she is a pioneer who opened the door for many artists like Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Doja Cat to be able to express themselves and even pose with their silhouette as they like, since all of that was done the queen of pop at the time, trying to normalize it.

Currently, the name of the interpreter of “Frozen” is trending because she announced an upcoming tour, arousing excitement among netizens, since she has a great musical repertoire that is worth admiring.


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