The best strategy games of 2022

Perhaps strategy games are past their prime. However, this does not mean that the genre has been forgotten. We’re still getting great games out and 2022 was no different. Welcome to our review of the best strategy games of 2022.

It’s hard to find time to play every game on our backlog, let alone try out every new release. There’s no denying that it’s easy to overlook good titles because of this. Only this time we’ve got it: here’s our list of the best games of 2022. Of course, these are Editors’ Choices.

Our list also shows how diverse and different strategy games can be. Surely every fan of the genre will find something for themselves here. On the other hand, players who don’t usually have strategies are offered the chance to enter the world of one more turn, one more mission, and one more win.

against the storm

Against the Storm, Hooded Horse, 2022 - Best Strategy Games of 2022 - Editor's Choice - Documentary - 2022-12-20

Against the storm, hooded horse, 2022

  1. Producer: hermitage games
  2. Platforms: PC (Steam, GOG, Epic Games)

The title of the game may suggest a dynamic and brutal game, but it is quite the opposite: here the enemy is time. against the storm is inspired by classic city builders, dungeon keeper, and older quotas of settlers . Our goal here is to build a network of settlements that will reinforce the last stronghold of the remaining creatures of a fantastic world. We start with a camp – by erecting appropriate buildings, as well as cutting down trees to reveal more land, the player develops the community.

In addition to creating an adequate network of buildings to ensure a constant flow of resources, we must attend to the needs of the species. There are four races in the game, but only 3 can inhabit a settlement at a time, and these are Harpies, Humans, Beavers, or Lizards. Each species has different needs and is applicable to different tasks. It is not possible to satisfy everyone’s needs at the same time, but you can at least try, because if we start losing villagers, the queen will not be happy and if she continues, you may lose the game.

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