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Margot Robbie as Barbie.
Margot Robbie as Barbie.GTRES

We have trailer ofBarbie. a couple of days ago Greta Gerwig offer the first advance of his expected movie. With the teaser in which the 2001 of kubrickthe director of ladybird (movie) kept us entertained for several weeks.

But we needed more, so Gerwig and Margot Robbie, star of all this, has taken pity and released more and better images of what could be the most anticipated film of the year. with permission of Indiana Jones, clear. and without permission Christopher Nolanwhose oppenheimer arrive at the theaters the same day as Barbie.

Choosing a film that weekend in July will be almost a political position: the new aesthetic-conceptual turra of Nolan or the go to know what I have done Greta Gerwig with Barbie.

oppenheimer It is based on a magnificent book, american prometheusby Kai Bird and Martin J. Serwin, addictive volume. the plot of Barbie it is, instead, an utter mystery that its trailer hasn’t even hinted at. Because what the hell can happen to Barbie, If you live in an ideal world.

More differences: Nolan in 2023 is already one of the holy hollywood directors, while Greta Gerwig still recognition resists general. The first demonstrated his power (and his stubbornness) by premiering the hypertrophied Tenet in the midst of a pandemic, with cinemas turned into almost outlawed premises. See her with a mask, social distance and fear (yes: fear) was also a positioning. Even Tom Cruise came into a room to see her… while practically hijacking her Top Gun: Maverick until things normalized. And she did. And then Top Gun: Maverick they premiere and burst the box office

We then forgot that until then that sequel had been more of a meme than a movie, one more line in the list of follies of his star more than a symbol of the end of the worst of the covid. And now look. Barbie born with completely different expectations: we know it could be a disaster but we want it to be the movie of the year. At best, what the 20s of the 21st century would be, once the crises were over, like those of the 20th, goes and comes true.

For this they will have to fix a few fat problems, but do not tell me what It won’t be nice if everything started to go well and then it was released Barbie and it was great and hilarious (or only the second, let’s not be greedy) and they started some new crazy 20 and even Christopher Nolan wanted his next movie It was a light comedy. Even Tom Cruise. Cinema never fulfilled its mission better: make us dream

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