‘The Big Bang Theory’ actress who only lasted four episodes but won on ‘NCIS’ – Series News

He appeared in only 4 episodes, but soon found a place in the famous crime drama.

Let us not fool ourselves. Although we marvel at Hollywood success stories—like the day Charlize Theron met her agent while arguing with a bank employee—the truth is that most people who want to succeed in acting in Los Angeles Stay on track. Some manage to string together enough episodes of a series to sustain themselves and, if they’re lucky, one of the characters keeps the audience engaged.

Margo Harshman is probably not the most famous actress on American television, but If you are a follower big bang theory And I give you this image, I’m sure you can explore it a little more.

Harshman appeared to bring life to life in season 6 of the ‘sitcom’ alex jensen, a doctoral student who eventually works as Sheldon’s research assistant. She shows a deep attraction to Sheldon, but he only orders her to do menial tasks. Does this sound familiar to you? Although he only appeared in four episodes, his character is fondly remembered by comedy fans.

The truth is that exactly one year later, Harshman got a great opportunity in his career. she was signed in NCIS to interpret delilah fielding, a Department of Defense employee and Tim’s current girlfriend. Her development is one of the most remarkable in fiction, as she dies in a bombing.

So far, he has appeared in 18 episodes and, although he is not very regular in his appearances, he still plays a role in each new season. Delilah managed to please viewers and the network continues to call her up to this day. Despite being a very secondary role, perhaps we can see him play a more prominent role in the storyline in future installments. With such a long-running series and so many characters, any option is possible.

In recent years, Harshman has had roles in such well-known series bones one of two csi, He also had a small role in it how i met your fatherBut the series has recently been canceled on Disney+.

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