The billboard awaits us this week opens ‘Ojos de fuego’

This week hits the big screen ‘Fire Eyes’a remake of the 1984 film in which drew Barrymore plays Charlie McGee, a character from the homonymous novel by the horror master, Stephen King, also writer of other nightmarish stories made into movies such as That, The glow and many others.

On this occasion, the reins are taken Keith Thomas, director of The Vigil (terror) of 2019, who uses the script of Scott Teemsunder the mantle of the production company Blumhouse, famous for producing blockbuster horror films such as the saga of the purge, Paranormal Activity, Sinisteretc.

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In this film we will rediscover Andy McGee (zack efron), a young man who was part of an experiment of shopa government entity with dark purposes, who endowed the young man with psychic powers, that way he meets his wife, Vicky (Sidney Lemmon).

Decades later they marry and have Charlie (Ryan Kiera), a girl who is born with fire powers, however, her father teaches her to be able to live without using her powers, while escaping from the trail of the Federal Agency that is looking for the girl, since they have her classified as a weapon of mass destruction .

But, the anger and pain will cause the little girl to start a fire, which will be difficult to control.

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This 94-minute tape was announced since 2017, however, the production took endless turns and postponements, being completed in 2021, and leaving King’s followers waiting, who know that this is not one of his most novels. recognized, and on the other hand to Efron’s followers, who have seen him more and more mature on screen, and who surprised locals and strangers with his interpretation of Ted Bundy in Sleeping with the Killer.

As if that were not enough, the music is in charge of the master of terror in the cinema, John Carpenterwho directed and composed the iconic music that accompanies Michael Myers in Halloween.

This film will hit all theaters in the country this weekend and promises science fiction, suspense, terror, but above all entertainment for the viewer.


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