The bizarre salary that María Celeste had on Telemundo

To a large extent, that was the reason why she would have been removed from the leadership of “Al Rojo Vivo”; however, she assures that she did not take it personally.

At the time, it was the news that shocked Hispanic viewers. His departure from the Telemundo network was unthinkable, especially the success of the Al Rojo Vivo program. However, it was a reality, María Celeste Arrarás was dismissed, although she assures that she did not take it personally.

Even when it was speculated that his departure was due, mainly, to the bizarre salary that he earned month after month. At least that’s what he implied during an interview with the Venezuelan Erika de la Vega.

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“Things in life cannot be taken personally because when you take them personally you begin to act based on the ego and react based on the ego, which is a very bad advisor, and there I looked at it in a way that I did not begin to say ‘I am the victim, after so many years, my service, what I have done, how well people know me’ No,” argued Arrarás.

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However, she implied that she knew perfectly well why she was fired. “That is useless because these are corporate decisions in the middle of a pandemic in which they order 20 heads to be cut off per show, so what happens? It is a show that has 25 people, let’s say… mine was a limited team, you cannot remove 20 and keep 5 and I am one of the 5…”.

It was in this part of the interview that he revealed the large sum of money he received as a salary, since he added that “it is impossible to put the show on the air like this, but they took away from me that I earned what 20 earned and with that they solve the problem, then I understood.”

The Puerto Rican, who is now part of the CNN network in Spanish, assured that she took her dismissal very naturally and in a good way. “What happens is that I stayed friends with everyone who is there, I still talk to them. I left there in good spirits, that is, all my bosses called me, they all wanted to invite me to dinner, to lunch… I felt appreciated and understood that it was a corporate decision due to circumstances beyond my control, not because they were measuring my control, not because they were measuring my talent or what I was performing in the company and that they were upset, it had nothing to do with that,” he argued.

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Mari confessed that she was happy after her dismissal since she was paid 2 and a half years more than the contract, and took advantage of the occasion to clarify why she still “continues to charge” on the television station.

“That is paid for by insurance that the television companies have, that is, it does not come from the program’s budget. People say ‘oh, but how do they continue to pay you and they erased you and it was not for money’. No, it is that those networks for large contracts they have insurers, so when things like a pandemic happen, which is a force majeure and leads to certain economic problems in the corporation, they go to the insurance that pays my salary and prevents that money from leaving the program,” he explained. .

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