The black comedy with Keira Knightley that is all the rage on Netflix

Netflix has in its catalog an ideal film for lovers of black comedy. Is about Last night (silent night), a film that proposes an apocalyptic world in the middle of a family Christmas dinner and which won the award for Best Screenplay at the Sitges Festival 2021. The film stars Keira Knightley, Matthew Goode and Roman Griffin Davis and it is already in position three of the most watched in Argentina.

This is the debut of camille griffinwho also penned the script, and his synopsis (via FilmAffinity) reads: “As the world faces the apocalypse, a group of old friends gather to celebrate Christmas in an idyllic UK country house.. Uncomfortable by the idea of ​​the inevitable destruction of humanity, they decide to face the situation calmly, opening another bottle of Prosecco and continuing with the celebration… But, as much as they want to pretend normality, sooner or later, they will have to face the idea that it is their last night.“.

Last Night (2021).

Although the film has several funny, hilarious and absurd moments, it does not reach a peak of extreme delirium but ends up content. This is how they write from OtroCines: “The film is filmed and acted with undoubted skill and professionalism, but at times it seems prey to indecision as to whether to play completely out of control (more in the tone of a bloody weddingfor example) or whether to become a somewhat more serious film that warns about the risks of the devastation of the planet and the excesses of the governments that are taking us, yes, towards the end of the world”.

From La Nación they celebrate the positive aspects of this genre film, although they also emphasize its weak points: “It is not that the fable devised by Camille Griffin is not valid, more so in times when reality seems to approach any nightmare imagined, but in cinematographic terms the film does not have much to give, except for the solvency of the performances and the occasional clever joke about the food of the queen’s dogs“.

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