the Blaugrana mourned the anniversary of the departure of Lionel Messi

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It’s a wound that is not about to heal: a year ago to the day, FC Barcelona said goodbye to the greatest player in its history, Lionel Messi. Unable to extend it when the Argentinian was ready for all efforts, the Catalan giant had resolved to cut the cord after 21 years of living together, hundreds of goals, exploits, and dozens of securities.

This Friday, the Spanish media and supporters on social networks celebrated this sad anniversary. So it was August 5, 2021. Three days later the lunar press conference took place in the bowels of Camp Nou during which Messi burst into tears as soon as he arrived on the stage. And then afterwards, there was his signing at PSG. Financially back on their feet, Barça hopes to be able to bring their star back in a year. But there is no doubt that this sad anniversary will continue to be remembered for a long time to come!

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On August 5, 2021, FC Barcelona formalized the departure of Lionel Messi. A real trauma for the Catalan club, which believed until the end to be able to extend it. But, plunged into a huge financial crisis, he had to resolve to let him go after 21 years of good and loyal service.

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