The blue micro bikini with which Salma Hayek broke the summer 2023 trend. photos

He Heat is about to end, but not without an influx of elegance and glamour, which has been replicated by celebrities wearing swimsuits in recent hot days. Such as Salma Hayek on my recent trip to one of Mexico’s heavenly destinations, as this one set to blue sailor style that is complemented with a delicacy crochet dress and transparency.

for them The 56-year-old actress is constantly setting trends With each of her outfits which makes her one of the best dressed celebrities Hollywood, This is despite the fact that, as she herself expressed in an interview for Vogue, early in her career some of the most prestigious brands refused to dress her because they believed that, because she Were she Mexican, she would not be successful in the ragtime industry. ,

Salma Hayek takes inspiration from a beautiful blue swimsuit. Photo: IG @salmahayek

Now this actress has become a benchmark because of her style elegant Always reflects the joy that is characteristic of him and with a touch of sensuality. something that leads straight to you HolidayWhere she does not stop demonstrating glamour, showing her natural beauty in delicate dresses that allow her to show off her alluring image on the beach always hand in hand with sophistication.

He micro bikini blueWhat she wore during her vacation to Mexico is an example of this, as it’s a set sailor style Featuring a plunging neckline and metallic details that give it a perfect fit. For the bikini, she chose a classic design that offers comfort and completes her look crochet dress and transparencies, Perfect for the beach.

Salma Hayek wears a crochet dress. Photo: IG @salmahayek

salma hayek bikini in summer

however during spring and summer Vibrant colors are a favorite for any outfit, including Swimsuit, Salma Hayek shows that fashion rules are made to be broken Season wearing two sets that are already essentials in any wardrobe thanks to the fact that their colors are Flattery At any time and age.

full bathing suit They are perfect for those who seek comfort and enjoy doing water activities; In addition, there are countless designs that provide youthful, elegant or glamorous touch Be it any age. This makes them timeless and provides perfect fit at the waist underline the picture even more, As such the actress wore a black dress with a deep neckline, which she teamed with a white cap and platforms.

Salma Hayek is wearing a black swimsuit. Photo: IG @salmahayek

Swimsuits are gaining popularity as one of the favorite holiday clothes because, in addition to being the perfect complement to any beach look, they are great for doing all kinds of activities or taking an outfit from casual to casual with a few elements. Also provide comfort and confidence to carry off the elegant. So that it does not take up much space in the suitcase.

now, red is one of those tones timeless and they never go out of style and wear thembath suit They are no exception. this tone in any look Displays strength, confidence, intensity and sensuality Regardless of the outfit and it was shown by Salma Hayek with her bikini in the classic triangular design which she paired as a purple and green bathing suit.

salma hayek on instagram

Salma is looking amazing in the bathing suit. Photo: Instagram @salmahayek
Salma Hayek is wearing a red swimsuit. Photo: IG @salmahayek

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