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Even with the new year there is no shortage of updates from the Ministry of Health on products recalled from supermarkets and removed from the market. In this case, the chemical risk was identified in two production batches of the ground chilli produced by the “Compagnia italiana Shapur snc”. These are batches S21005-20 / N and S21005-41 / N, which have been examined by Health experts due to the presence of ethylene oxide, whose values ​​are not compliant and exceed the limit allowed by the legislation.

The liqueur contains a toxin: the brand to be avoided in any way due to chemical risk

The warning of the Ministry of Health is to check the purchased product of this brand and if it corresponds to the lots in question, the return to the point of sale is requested. In particular, the jars of 25 or 30 grams, the bags of 500 grams or those of 1000 grams, finally the glass jar of 400 grams and also the 25 kg bag are affected by the recall. The expiry date of the two lots is set for February and March 2023 and the production plant is located in via Rossaro 2 in Treviglio, in the province of Bergamo.

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