The British Army investigates a false priest who spent the night with the soldiers of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II returnedó  to suffer a leak in your security

Queen Elizabeth II suffered a leak in her security again

The intelligence services, the Ministry of Defense and the British Army are facing a case that is, to say the least, bizarre: that of an intruder who snuck onto the grounds of Windsor although, apparently, no threat to the British monarch, who was not there. On Tuesday, the army announced that An investigation was launched in this regard.

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It all started on April 26, when a man dressed as a priest managed to sneak into in the so-called Victoria Barracks, the barracks of the guards in charge of the protection of Elizabeth II and the royal sites, as is the case of Windsor. This has been announced by the news agency Reuterswhich explains that the false priest – whose name, age or any other information has not been disclosed – introduced himself as a friend of the military chaplain of the so-called Coldstream Guards, the British Army regiment in charge of more domestic functions.

After the introductions, and without any type of accreditation, the intruder was invited to enter the barracks and share dinner, drinks, laughter and anecdotes with the soldiers. There he spent the rest of the night. According to a source familiar with the situation told the magazine People“Within a couple of hours, he was drinking in the bar with the officers and telling them stories of how he had served in Iraq.” Apparently exactly those anecdoteswhich were in crescendoThey made the hare jump.

A man dressed as a priest managedó  sneak into the so-called Victoria Barracks

A man dressed as a priest managed to sneak into the so-called Victoria Barracks

A man dressed as a priest managed to sneak into the so-called Victoria Barracks

One source has told both People like The Sun that then the alleged father began to say “that he had worked as an ejection seat test pilot and that some organs had been changed, and then they began to suspect.” At 10:20 am on Wednesday the 27th, he left the premises accompanied by security guards, who arrested him. According to a palace spokesman, the queen was not in the compound at the time, but he was at Sandringham celebrating his 96th birthday, and returned to Windsor late in the day. In addition, it has also confirmed that it is a matter of responsibility of the Ministry of Defense.

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The police officer in charge of the Thames Valley area explained in a statement that they confirm that “security processes were activated moments after the man entered the castle grounds” and also that “he did not access any building.” For its part, from Defense they have also wanted to make a statement about it. “The military takes this security breach absolutely seriously, and It will be investigated in depth as a matter of priority,” said a ministry spokesman.

“This incident is now part of an ongoing investigation and therefore it would be inappropriate to comment further at this time.” Another source asserts that, therefore, there were no security breaches either in Windsor castle or in the security in charge of the old monarch, but everything is due to Defense.

After spending the night, the supposed priest abandonedó  the castle

After spending the night, the alleged priest left the castle

After spending the night, the alleged priest left the castle

This past Christmas, an intruder armed with a crossbow tried to sneak into Windsor when the queen and her family were celebrating the holidays there. The security forces quickly found him and saw that “he was not a public danger”, as they stated. In October 2013, another man tried to break in, this time into Buckingham, London, with a knife, and was quickly apprehended; in 2003 another tried, disguised as Osama Bin Laden, at the 21st birthday party of the Prince Guillermo.

The most famous incident took place in June 1982, when Michael Fagan sneaked into Buckingham, went to the apartments of Elizabeth II and chatted 10 minutes with the queen. After being tried, he was acquitted..

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