the ‘bucket hat’ made of fur is the key accessory of winter

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The fur ‘bucket hat’, a must this winterMEGA – Getty Images

With the low temperatures that accompany us during the winter months, scarves, gloves and hats become essential elements in our outfits to step on the asphalt. With the aim of protecting us from the cold, but also because of its undeniable ability to turn any outfit around. The recent success of the balaclava or ski mask and that known as the hood – championed by icons such as Bella Hadid – are the best example that today the hat is not a simple accessory to protect the head, it also responds to trends.

Group in which we would also include the bucket hat fur or plush effectan accessory that, as happened last year, once again stands as a must in the most select wardrobes. At the beginning of 2022, thanks to icons such as Hailey Bieber or Bella Hadid, these eye-catching fisherman hats managed to stand out on the most relevant streets of the planet, stealing prominence from other accessories such as caps or berets. A success that will be repeated this new course as some of the most popular names in the street style.

First it was Megan Fox who chose a striking bucket hat with pink hair as the protagonist of one of his first looks of the year, an idea that would be repeated hours later by another of the great icons of the generation millennial, rosalia. In this case, the Spanish singer chose an XXL plush-effect design in pastel blue to elevate a total look in black as it passes through Tokyo.

A trend that has now been added Kylie Jennerwho has been seen wearing this flattering accessory in black to face the low temperatures of her trip to Aspen.

The youngest of the Kardashian clan combined a flattering double-sided coat with an asymmetric zipper with high boots and a simple bucket hat of hair, all in black color.

celebrity sightings in aspen december 30, 2022

MEGA – Getty Images

The bucket hat of hair in fashion firms

Here is a small selection of this characteristic type of fisherman hat for those who want to protect themselves from the cold and follow the latest trends.

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