the bulletin of 23 March 2022

Another 6,481 Covid cases in the last 24 hours and 20 deaths. These are the salient numbers of today’s bulletin issued by the Ministry of Health concerning Sicily. The positivity rate, out of 46,599 processed swabs, is close to 14%. After days, the number of hospitalized patients returns to decline: in non-serious wards there are 927 people (-19), while in intensive care there are 62 patients (+3) and eight new entries are registered. The healed are 6,949, while the current positives would be 239,409.

Another 20 deaths are reported: of these 12 refer to the last three days, while the remaining 8 to previous days. The subdivision of cases by province is distorted by the fact that the Region includes 2,108 infections in the calculation that date back to days prior to March 22.

Covid in Italy

The latest report from the Ministry of Health records 76,260 new infections and 153 deaths. With 513,774 processed swabs, the positivity rate is 14.8%. Intensive care increased (+11) and hospitalized patients decreased (-30). The occupancy of seats in non-critical area hospital wards by Covid patients goes back to 14% in Italy (a year ago it was 42%) and, in 24 hours, it grows, reaching values โ€‹โ€‹of over 20% in 9 regions ( Calabria at 34%). Intensive care employment, on the other hand, is now stable at 5% in Italy compared to 39% reached a year ago, and is under 10% in all regions. This is indicated by Agenas data of 22 March 2022. Meanwhile, the WHO in the latest weekly report warns that the Omicron 2 variant has become dominant and that the number of new cases of Covid-19 globally has increased (+ 7%), while the victims are decreasing with a -23% in the last 7 days.

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