“The business is too noticeable”

The Argentine coach broke the silence after leaving the Mexican National Team.

The Argentine coach Gerardo Martinoformer coach of the Mexican team in the World Cup in Qatar 2022, criticized that in Aztec football the business is “too noticeable” referring to the fact that Liga MX clubs prefer to sell their pearls to another team in the same championship instead of trying to place them in a squad from the Old Continent.

In interview with ‘Radio 780 Paraguay’the ‘Nana’ Martino He highlighted the economic power of the Liga MX teams, but indicated that the sale of young soccer players in the domestic market is affecting the growth of Mexican football.

“The business is too noticeable. I’m not against business because that’s where we live and we couldn’t survive without it, but actually I like something more equitable. I understand what is needed for this to continue growing, but not to leave football aside and for soccer to also have a plan and not just to make a profit but not to let soccer die because the business also dies,” he commented. Gerardo Martino.

“In Europe everything probably works, in the United States too. I talked a lot with (Yon) De Luisa, (Gerardo) Torrado, (Guillermo) Cantú, (Jaime) Ordiales in recent times about an objective and Mexico is clear where it is going That they work more with the youth and they can be transferred abroad and play in the elite.

“In Mexico something particular happens: there are internal sales from club to club of soccer players that are worth 8 or 10 million dollars and I can’t imagine in Argentina, it is something that could not exist but if it did happen, I don’t imagine it would be worth 10 million dollars internally and I don’t has an international market. So it seems to me that it is balancing, listening to soccer people and those who know about the business. In South America we have it more incorporated, in Mexico this particularity occurs, it is a very strong country, there are very solid institutions and that They pay good money and then this happens that there are sales that are important but at the same time they are footballers that one says should go abroad and they don’t have a European market. That hurts because they stay at home and the footballer does not stop growing, “he said.

Also, Gerardo Martino He praised the transfer of César Montes to Espanyol from LaLiga and stressed that Mexican soccer must prioritize exporting Aztec talent to grow soccer.

“Something logical happened now. He is a very good, professional player, a boy like Montes who, after the World Cup, was able to go to Espanyol and is already a starter. That is the way a country can grow because it is beneficial for the national team,” he said.

The results were logical

Regarding his performance at the Qatar 2022 World Cup, Gerardo Martino He recognized that it was a failure to have been eliminated in the Group Phase, however, he considered that the Aztec team achieved the results that all the fans expected.

“The honor of having been able to be in a team like the Mexican, play a different tie, be able to access the World Cup and have competed. We competed well in the three games. We didn’t reach our level in the first two years but we did improve last year. I understand We should have classified second and the results were logical: a draw with which to fight for second place, a defeat against the world champion and beat Arabia.

“Then Argentina lost to Arabia and that’s what football has, but reaching the third game tight with goals and yellow cards. We were staying out for yellow cards and it became difficult but I understand that it is not the expected result, a failure because Mexico He came from seven World Cups qualifying for the round of 16 and we have not been able to continue with that trend, but also with the satisfaction of having competed well”, he indicated.

Regarding the criticism he received from the Aztec press throughout his process with El Tri, Martino He considered that the media judge based on the results, but he understands that his profession entails being questioned by the press and fans.

“I don’t think that measuring the degree of justice or injustice. To the extent that one recognizes and the importance of the media. The place of journalism, in my humble opinion, is something that will continue to grow and we do not try to change anything in the relationship with the other areas. I am in these conditions. It is not something that seems relevant to me. Not to minimize it but because it goes to hell if the team wins disputes die there. It is part of our profession and an important experience that will enrich me in the remainder of my career,” he said.

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