the cast greets Daniel Craig in an exciting video


After 5 films and 15 years of chases, the cast of 007: No Time to Die greets Daniel Craig, who has officially finished playing the role of James Bond for the next films, without a future successor. The site IGN he collected greetings from actors and technicians who worked with Craig, in a moving and touching last farewell.

The new chapter of the famous saga, of which you can read our review here, sees in fact Daniel Craig’s latest appearance as James Bond, going to mark a real farewell to this character. Among the various people who greet the actor, Léa Seydoux is the one who was most moved, almost unable to speak with emotion.

His statements, directly from the video, are the following:

I want to thank him because it was incredible to work with him. I have great admiration for the work he has done with this character. I feel very lucky to have been a part of this film, but also very lucky to have worked with him… He deserves to have all the success he has with the film.

About the future of the most famous secret agent, we do not yet know who will take his place in the future, although the actor himself recently expressed his thoughts regarding the possibility of seeing Hugh Jackman as James Bond. At the moment, it has not yet been decided who will take the role, leaving all fans waiting for more information.

The film she also received a compliment from Kate Middleton, who had the opportunity to speak with Daniel Craig himself at the preview of the film, last September 28th. On that occasion, the Duchess of Cambridge also sported a very showy dress, similar to the one worn by Lady Diana at the premiere of 007 – Moving target.

The cast then officially greets Daniel Craig after his performance in 007 No Time to Die, leaving ample to what may happen in the future of the series.

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