The cast of Stranger Things gathered on the plateau 10 minutes after the end of the tomb

La grave des actors à prix fin, et le casting de la series à success de Netflix, stranger things, After this, a summons comes to start the first season tour.

The most watched series is set to return to Netflix because stranger things Get ready to launch the fifth and fifth season. The fans of Lorsk have not removed Hawkins in Indiana, they are facing a threat that is threatening apocalypse and the inhabitants of Vecna ​​have unleashed chaos and destruction on Volat.

However, due to SAG-AFTRA’s dire situation, the production run ended in less than a year. But it seems the casting was called because the tomb is finally finished.

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actors of stranger things This tournament starts from the last day

David Harbour, who plays Eleven’s (Millie Bobby Brown) adoptive father stranger thingsThis is the fun event with People magazine at the BoxLunch holiday celebration in honor of the charitable association Feeding America in Hollywood.

Lors de sa conversation avec people, harbor a donne des nouvelles du tournage de la saison 5 de stranger things Et de la rapidite avec laquel la production s’est organized one fois la grave des actors terminai.

,I thought it was 10 minutes after the SAG post on Twitter I thought it was 10 minutes after the SAG post on Twitter“,” Harbor explained.The first AD (Assistant Realiser) kind of says “Alors, do you want to put the Avion in Lundi, do you want? On a trip to Atlanta.”,

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Harbor azaute qu’il était “Sunday“It remains a rapid reprise car”impatient returner or traveler,

season 5 stranger things In DeWitt’s rendition of Season 4’s finale, there is a continuing battle between Vecna ​​and his son Koma’s companion Vecna.

The latest season features a series of intrigues and a trend towards plus en plus sombres, as explained by Maya Hawke, interpreting Robin, on behalf of the Rolling Stones: “Eh bien, c’est la dernier saison, where Jean will probably die. I am waiting for a great moment. I have nothing but honour.,

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More in aid of La Fin (Peaut-être Héroique de Robin), Il foudra tout de meme se monterer patient: La Saison 5d stranger things More than a year before 2024.

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