The challenge to The Sims comes from Korea with the incredible inZOI

Many years have passed since the publication of The Sims 4 (available in all its contents from GameStop, in this link), who will blow out 10 candles next year, and waiting for its late sequel someone is seriously thinking about entering the vast market niche that the title occupies without too many formalities maxis. That someone comes from Korea and his name is enZOI!

The title arises on the occasion of the 2023 edition of the already consolidated Korean fair G STARthe equivalent of the western gamescom or E3, from none other than the label KRAFTONwell known for PUBG, Subnautical and other successful titles.

Curiosity enZOI appeared on the publisher’s official channels with a long demo traileror (which you can see at the end of the article), which illustrates the enormous graphic potential of the project, created from unreal engine 5.

Once you get over the amazement of the incredible visual representationYou will begin to notice the many similarities with the famous simulation series IT’S IN: enZOI has no problem showing off its inspiration and, in fact, continues to show off many features that came very late in the day. The Sims (such as managing children) or that have been a bit neglected in recent chapters (for example customizing cities). Electronic Arts is warned: this is not the time to waste time, because competitors are very prepared!

The absurd level of detail achieved by the Asian title is enough to generate an attractive effect that is at the same time repellent: It would take a lifetime to manage a detailed virtual life, right down to cleaning the floors and making sandwiches… Are you willing to give up so many hours of your life?

Philosophical questions aside, enZOI It looks like a real bomb and we hope to be able to try it first-hand as soon as possible. Let us know what you think in our official Facebook group, just a click away! Don’t forget to check out the discounts and advantages offered by the new brand. GS Pro Club, in this link, which also offers the possibility of obtaining early access to the most exclusive consoles and collectors. And don’t miss it GameStop Black FridayThat from November 14 to 27 We will offer you exceptional offers!

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