The change that the Warriors will make with Stephen Curry to win the NBA championship again


Steve Kerr confirmed that the Golden State Warriors will make a trade regarding Stephen Curry in hopes of returning to the candidate level.

Stephen Curry.
© Harry How/Getty ImagesStephen Curry.

After an explosive start to the 2021-22 season of the National Basketball Association (NBA)the Golden State Warriors They lowered their level considerably and although they continued to accumulate victories, they ceased to be those strong candidates that they were at first.

There are several reasons why the slump happened. One of them was a clear deterioration in the game of his top star, Stephen Currywho after starting to win the MVP it was deflating until it left the top 5 for the award.

Another reason is the injury of Draymond Greenwho always influences Golden State’s results a lot and is key to Curry and Klay Thompson. but the coach Steve Kerr You don’t want to leave an idea unused, so you reuse a resource from a couple of years ago.

Not long ago, the team with the same three figures was a dynasty, and it seems that Kerr will look for a formula from that time to do it again. The coach confirmed what Steph had already anticipated: The chef will play again with the rotation patterns similar to those of 2015-2019.

Stephen Curry, just like old times

The Warriors return to the rotation scheme where Curry plays 12 minutes in the first quarter, six in the second, 12 in the third and six in the last.. It won’t always be exactly like this. but if you will keep that the base will rest once per half.

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