The Chemical Brothers premiere ‘Skipping Like a Stone’ with Beck

With two weeks to go before the release of The Chemical Brothers’ next album, for that beautiful feelingThe electronic duo just released their second back-to-back single, and they don’t come alone, as this new song features Beck.

,jump like a stone‘ is the title of this advance where sound environments exist in sensory electronics, accompanied by the voice of virtuoso Beck. You can find the song below. This is the second time they have worked together, with the Chemical Brothers and Beck starring in “Song” in 2015.full open,

for that beautiful feeling It will be the band’s tenth album and comes exactly four years after its predecessor, no geography (2019). Two songs we’ve already heard are revealed from this new album, as both ‘Live again’,no reason‘ And ‘jump like a stone‘E’ will be part of the album, as well as a remix of ‘E’ will be released.the darkness that you fear,

for that beautiful feeling Coming out on September 8th, this will be the Chemical Brothers’ second “project” to be launched in the year, as they recently announced the release of a biographical book alongside the launch of the first. alone,Live again,

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