The Chivas shirt weighed on him against Juárez, it would be Paunovic’s first erasure

Paunovic and the player who would leave Chivas
Paunovic and the player who would leave Chivas

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The player who could lose ownership in Chivas despite the victory against Juárez
Chivas defeated Juárez as a visitor and coach Paunovic highlighted the work of his players, although one of them could lose the title in the next games. The Serbian strategist said that he is looking forward to seeing the debut of José Juan Macías, so one of his strikers would be sacrificed.

Rolando Cisneros has not been fine against the rival goal and could be the first candidate to stay on the bench once José Juan Macías is ready to put himself under Paunovic’s orders. The rojiblanco coach assured a press conference that he is looking forward to the participation of Macías with Chivas.

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The speech that Paunovic has given since his arrival at the Flock has been in favor of the Mexican striker who had a brief stint in Spain, but an injury prevented him from demonstrating his talent at Getafe. Now back in the Flock he would have his revenge and especially since he has the approval of Paunovic.

With the low level of Ronaldo Cisneros and the instability of Daniel Ríos, recently arrived at Chivas, Paunovic has no choice but to recover José Juan Macías to have him in the starting eleven. El Rebaño has Santiago Ormeño, but Paunovic doesn’t even take him to the bench.

What is missing for JJ Macías to return to the courts?

According to the latest ESPN report, José Juan Macías already trains the pair with his teammates in Verde Valle. It would only be a matter of days for the player to be considered by the strategist Paunovic so that he has minutes in future matches.

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