The Chronicles of Riddick: How Vin Diesel convinced Judi Dench to star in the film

For “The Chronicles of Riddick”, Vin Diesel wanted at all costs that Judi Dench participate in the film. The actor was able to be convincing by offering in particular a rather imposing gift to the actress.

Riddick, Vin Diesel’s other license

Before The Chronicles of Riddick, the first meeting between the public and the character took place with Pitch Black (2000), a “small” science fiction film shot for $23 million. A modest production which proved to be profitable thanks to an extremely catchy concept. We follow a group of passengers, whose ship crashes on a strange planet. Within this transport is Riddick, a criminal captured by a mercenary. But man is not the greatest danger. On this planet, deadly creatures slumber and only come out at night. Lack of luck for the survivors, an eclipse is about to take place… They will nevertheless be able to count on the capacities of Riddick and his ability to see in the dark.

Pitch Black
Pitch Black ©United International Pictures

This friendly B series directed by David Twohy is carried by Vin Diesel. The actor was about to explode in Hollywood with Fast and Furious (2001) then xXx (2002). It is thus thanks to the popularity of the actor that a sequel was able to see the light of day: The Chronicles of Riddick. A much more ambitious work which seeks to deepen the universe of Riddick by introducing other worlds and in particular the violent Necromongers who wish to extend their empire. Riddick will find himself involved in a new fight after being pulled from his exile.

An imposing gift to convince Judi Dench

We find in The Chronicles of Riddick beautiful people. In addition to Vin Diesel who takes on this role which he particularly appreciates, the cast is made up of Karl Urban in the role of Vaako, Thandiwe Newton in that of his wife, Alexa Davalos who plays the young Kyra, while Judi Dench appears as Aereon. The latter is responsible for Riddick’s return to Helion Prime because, according to her, he would be at the center of a prophecy to bring balance to the universe. It wasn’t until shortly after that the Necromongers attacked the planet, what will lead the hero to get involved.

The Chronicles of Riddick
The Chronicles of Riddick ©Universal Pictures

Even though she is a secondary character, the presence of Judi Dench in The Chronicles of Riddick remains notable. Above all, she was highly desired by Vin Diesel himself. This is what she confided during an interview with Entertainment Weekly. The actor would have crossed her in London and would have done everything for her to agree to play in the film.

I was doing a play at the Haymarket Theater in London, and I didn’t know it but Vin Diesel, the one and only, was there. He sent me a bouquet of flowers so big they couldn’t fit it up the stairs to my dressing room. They couldn’t even get him through the hallway. Then he asked me if I would like to do the film. And of course, I said yes.

A fun encounter between two performers that we would not necessarily associate. But Vin Diesel was able to be convincing with this huge giftand Judi Dench gave him back by participating in the film.

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