The clear message of Puma Rodríguez in which he prioritizes Genesis Rodríguez over his older daughters

José Luis ‘el Puma’ Rodríguez is not only known for his successful musicals that have taken him to the top of fame, but he has also been in the eye of controversy due to the relationship that the 79-year-old singer has with his two older daughters. In the last hours, the tension increased when he prioritized Genesis Rodriguezabove the rest.

The eldest daughters of Cougar, Liliana and Lilibeth Rodríguez have made it clear that their relationship with their father is not good at all and that they have not had a dialogue with him for 14 years. In recent days, Lilibeth was visiting a show program in Argentina where she was hard on the interpreter of “Hold on to your hands” and also confirmed that together with her sister, they released the song “Malo” which is dedicated exclusively to José Luis .

Meanwhile, the Puma Rodriguez, enjoys his present where he is making some presentations in various countries and also his family. Since 1986 he has been married to the former Cuban model Carolina Pérez and as a result of their marriage, Génesis Rodríguez was born, with whom he has a special relationship. The singer confessed that both his current wife and his daughter were attacked by his daughters and that led him to distance himself from him.

Last weekend, “Father’s Day” was celebrated in various parts of the world and what caught the attention was that neither of the two daughters greeted the Puma. But, in parallel, the singer left an emotional message to Genesis Rodriguez, where he makes it clear that he totally ignored Lilibeth and Liliana. This caused controversy and anger on social networks.

What he wrote Puma Rodriguez In his networks he said: “Life is built by the best and happiest memories, just as it is made up of those people who are by your side in the good and not so good times. My constant love and admiration @genirodriguez”. Among the comments from users, there were those who called the singer a bad father, for having abandoned his older daughters.

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