The Clippers are losing Paul George, retooling to forget him

Clippers They were one of the most active teams in the early hours of the summer market. It is important to know that they just got rid of one of their referees, Paul George, and they will have to give the team another boost to become competitive in their conference again.

The franchise did not miss the opportunity to use a unique strategy to confirm that George would not renew his contract with them. He discusses other options, mostly targeting the 76ers, but Los Angeles is not one of them. The player refused to renew the contract for another year, activating the exit maneuver and leaving aside 48.8 million what he had in him to fly. “We’ve moved a lot to build players around Paul and Kawhi. They’ve been contenders for five years now. Even though we haven’t reached the end goal yet, we appreciate the journey we’ve had with Paul. We’ll miss him.”, the Clippers wrote to bid him an honorable farewell. Indeed, he’s been there since 2019, when he teamed up with Leonard to form the drum duo. And it’s not enough for them to be number one in the aforementioned range.

Clippers So they went another route. In addition to beefing up the interior rotation by removing Mason Plumlee, they provided power on the outside. James Harden will stay for two more years, Derrick Jones will be a key player at forward, and Russell Westbrook is waiting to be traded.

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  • Movement of the first active market hours of summer 2024.

Among this small retooling of Tyronn Lue’s team in the first hours of entering the market, Harden’s contract stands out for its ostentatious nature (70 million for 2 years), and Jones’ contract stands out for the opposite (30 million for 3 years). The forward played for the Mavs at the very least and was very important as a starter in order to – along the way beat the Clips – play a good role in the playoffs for the title. The point guard, on the other hand, remains a shadow of what he was with the Rockets, but is a constant threat with his amazing hands.. Without the money they were going to use to upgrade PG, they could focus on other market targets. They need that. They’re happy with what they’ve got. “greater flexibility in the new agreement” and from “use our organizational advantages” to attract talent. Again, they need it. The franchise is entering a critical period (a new pavilion, the Inuit Dome, as part of the differentiation they want to make with the Lakers; a recently released logo; economic injections; and these impulses must be wrapped in players they care about) in which they are eager to become an all-time Western Conference candidate again. By taking Jones away from their archrivals in Dallas, the team that has hurt them the most over this five-year period, they have achieved something. Doubts about Kawhi Leonard, who was injured last season and may miss games due to injury, will remain, but with different traveling companions (not forgetting all the bad things they did in the past).


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