The closure of Internal Medicine in Ontinyent bankrupts the bipartisan in the council

The government unit that holds the reins of the Diputación de València broke down in yesterday’s plenary session when it was time to vote on the motion registered by La Vall ens Uneix to demand that the Ministry of Health reconsider the decision to close during the summer the internal medicine plant of the Ontinyent Hospital. Compromís surprisingly distanced itself from the PSPV and supported the claim of the independent party led by the mayor and former president of the council, Jorge Rodríguez. The votes of the Valencian coalition were key for the proposal to end up prospering, with the support of the PP and Ciudadanos.

The provincial corporation agreed not only to urge Health to rethink the controversial measure applied since July 1 —which involves transferring internal medicine admissions to the Xàtiva hospital—but also to require the ministry to reinstate dialysis services and dermatology that have also recently ceased to be provided at the health center of the capital of Vall d’Albaida.

Only the PSPV votes against

The PSPV, a majority formation that holds the presidency of the council, defended alone its rejection of the motion that affects this party’s health policy and expresses the disagreement and discomfort that exists in the Vall d’Albaida with the “cuts” adopted in “harm of a public health” whose quality assures that it has been diminished. This is the first vote lost by the Socialists in government.

The only deputy from La Vall ens Uneix, Joan Sanchis, invoked the massive demonstration that a few weeks ago showed Ontinyent’s broad rejection of the decision to request fair treatment from the inland regions. “We don’t want to be more than anyone, but we don’t want to be less either, and we ask the inhabitants of La Vall to have what we deserve,” said Sanchis, who accused the Socialists of putting their political acronyms first. The also councilor of Territorio de Ontinyent warned of the “collapse” of the Lluís Alcanyís emergency service and affirmed that the measure has already caused the displacement of 25 people from one hospital to another.

The PSPV spokeswoman, Pilar Sarrión, lowered that figure to 10 entitled patients and recalled the difficulty in finding specialists when explaining the grouping of services in Xàtiva. «We cannot be applauding the doctors and then saying that they cannot go on vacation. We cannot tie doctors and force them to do coverage or overtime in the emergency room when they do not want to go. If you have a solution, from the health area and from the ministry, they would greatly appreciate it,” Sarrión replied to Sanchis.

In his turn to reply, the latter criticized the “lack of planning” of Health. A criticism in which the also deputy of the Vall d’Albaida Carolina Mengual (Popular Party) agreed, who crossed out the decision of “aggression” to the inland regions.

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