The ‘cockroach milk’ is nutritious: the official press plays with the patience of Cubans

The “cockroach milk” and its alleged nutritional values ​​monopolized this Monday spaces in the digital edition of the official radio station Radio Guamá and in its social networks. Although the article that provoked comments of disgust and some criticism on Facebook was removed from that platform, the repercussion it had has remained on the walls and accounts of other Cuban users.

The local radio of Pinar del Río published that “cockroach milk is the name given to the secretion of a crystallized substance with a milky appearance that is produced by a species of cockroach Diploptera punctata (cypress cockroach or Pacific beetle cockroach) in this case of a viviparous species, which feeds its young with this secretion”.

The substance “is not milk and does not contain lactose,” but the note noted that “It has a high nutritional value rich in proteins, carbohydrates (fundamentally sugars) and fats”.

Its protein content is much higher than that of any mammalian milkand its fat content, which contains fatty acids such as oleic acid, linoleic acid, omega-3 and short and medium chain fatty acids, are an important energy source, with approximately 230 kcal/100g,” he added.

According to the Radio Guamá article, “Colombia has been the first country to market and distribute this cockroach milk“, which he describes as a “dull, thick yellow substance with a high rancid taste”.

He also stressed that it is “another food that possibly in the future will be authorized in Europe for marketing“.

On the media’s Facebook page, the text was shared with a clarification: “Dear users, the article you will read below is a scientific curiosity published by Mercatracea Spanish wellness and health platform, which we wanted to share with you”.

The experiment, which has nothing to do with our reality, offers some details that may be very interesting for you. We invite you to read this scientific curiosity to the end,” adds Radio Guamá in a post that was later deleted, but its mark remains in the midst of the scarcity on the island.

Among the Internet users who captured the text, the journalist Norges Rodríguez, co-founder of YuccaByteposted it on his Twitter account and generated dissimilar comments.

I can’t believe they’re thinking about that disgusting thing. Well, there are plenty of cockroaches in Cuba, while milk is lacking. I leave it thereLachi wrote.

The parody Twitter account of the Minister of Internal Trade of Cuba, Betsy Díaz Velázquez, published: “Radio Guamá gives us the scoop on a joint experiment that is being carried out (among several official institutions) to alleviate the situation of dairy products in our country“.

Test samples will be distributed in the CDRs“added the post in an ironic tone.

Yas exclaimed, “Oh no, please don’t even think about it, it’s an experiment, I repeat, ‘experiment’. Well, on second thought, how do you milk a cockroach?

“They are abusers, but it is what it is,” comments another user and others say that they are giving ideas to Frei Betto, the advisor to the Cuban Government on issues of food sovereignty.

“That Frei Betto does not hear you, nor Guillermo García (Frías),” insists another Internet user.

Madame Bertini is concerned, because “everything can happen to the people of Pinar del Río.”

Now I guarantee you that the cockroaches, the spiders, the scorpions and the whole world will end. Attila fell short. Where communism passes, the grass does not grow again, even the cockroaches become extinct”, considered Ares I.

“The article ends by saying that it will be sold in select markets in Europe and has very high protein content and is very healthy for sports diets. The communists are the best selling misery to the peopleadded the same tweeter.

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