The cold greeting between ‘Dibu’ Martínez and Lloris at Tottenham


One was the hero, the other ended up being the villain. It happened on Sunday, December 18, 2022, at the Lusail stadium, when Argentina was crowned Qatar 2022 world champion, after an electrifying match that just found a winner in the penalty shootout.

There Emiliano “Dibu” Martínez shone, who covered one and saw how another shot went astray. On the other side, Hugo Lloris, goalkeeper for France – who could have been the first captain to win two consecutive cups – could do nothing against the effectiveness of the men from La Scaloneta.

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This Sunday, January 1, 2023, Martínez and Lloris met again. Barely two weeks passed and fate brought them face to face in the duel between Tottenham and Aston Villa, on date 18 of the Premier League.

There was a tribute to Cristian “Cuti” Romero, who received an ovation recognized as world champion and was hosted by Osvaldo Ardiles, another world champion with a past at the London club.

Martínez, as his coach, Unai Emery, had anticipated, started on the substitute bench because the coach wanted to assess his physical and mental level.

“I’m going to talk to him because I want him to control his emotions. We must have values, we must watch our behavior when we are together and against the players of the opposing team, ”he had raised in line with his criticism of the celebrations of the world champion goalkeeper in Qatar.

Lloris, meanwhile, was the starter. For this reason, while waiting to enter the field of play, he ran into “Dibu” Martínez, who passed by his side when he was facing the substitute bench. The man from Mar del Plata stretched out his hand to greet him. And the French responded with some reluctance. He winked at her, but immediately made a scowl.

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Apparently, Lloris still hasn’t finished digesting the defeat in the World Cup final. Or maybe he was annoyed by the effusive cheers of his colleague, who ended up being chosen as the best goalkeeper of the World Cup thanks to the saved penalties against France and the Netherlands and the fundamental ball that blocked Randal “Kolo” Muani when the game was dying. lengthen in that final that still causes tachycardia when remembering it.

We will have to see how this little rivalry continues. It is known that time inevitably heals all wounds.

Conte and the comparison between Lloris and “Dibu” Antonio Conte, the Tottenham coach, was asked about both. First, he took out a plate with his goalkeeper, the Frenchman.

“I think we are wasting time if we talk about Lloris because his career speaks for itself. We are talking about one of the best goalkeepers in the world in the last ten years. He is a top goalkeeper and a top man, above all, ”was his complimentary comment.

And about the “Dibu”, he avoided referring to the controversy of his celebrations and actions against rivals. “Martínez was the protagonist in winning the most important trophy in the world, which is the World Cup. He now has a long career to show that he is one of the best archers in the world. As he will now happen to “Cuti” Romero, the most difficult begins, ”he said.

For the Italian coach, “Dibu” must show that his level in the World Cup was not by chance. “You have to stay high and possibly improve and show that it wasn’t a unique situation,” he stressed.

“The important players, after a big victory, build an important career and, from that victory, they undertake the challenge of winning, winning and improving their level,” he completed.

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