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What are the different types of blonde highlights and their coloring techniques?

complete wicks

The color is applied in sections throughout the entire head.

half highlights

They are usually applied to the crown and sides, and to the top layer of the hair. Medium length highlights are usually recommended for those with shorter or finer hair.

wicks babylights

The babylights they consist of coloring superfine strands of hair. It’s a technique that makes hair appear multidimensional thanks to soft strands of colour, so small that everyone will think you were born with them.


Balayage is a technique where color is applied with a brush and board to create a natural, sun-kissed effect at the ends, giving hair gorgeous dimension.

root stretch

Offering this treatment at Salon64, Pattara promises to ‘transform 90s highlights into a seamless natural look, adding a false root and blending it into multiple shades of blonde and even brown so the color just happens, almost like you’re using a blending brush for a smokey eye‘.


The clue is in the name: it’s the perfect fusion of blonde and brown tones, ideal for dark-haired clients who want to lighten their hair.


In French it means tortoiseshellso think of an application of blonde highlights more caramelized and golden in which the lighter colors are mixed with darker shades of honey, amber and chocolate brown.

What kind of blonde highlights should I get and how do I know if they look good on me?

“Trust your colorist’s advice,” says Birmingham. And he adds: “During the consultation, they will take into account your skin tone, complexion, eye color, natural hair color, etc., which will help them advise you on what is best for you.” I always advise opting for a few tones lighter than the natural color of the hair to achieve a uniform finishwhich will also help with the roots when they start to grow,” says Birmingham.

What should I do or ask before getting blonde highlights?

‘It’s important to consider the upkeep blondes require before you go all in on highlights,’ advises Birmingham, ‘you’ll need to go to the salon regularly. There is always the option of adding lighter strands to your hair by using extensions instead of adding color. I love creating custom mixes with extensions for lighten hair and add depth and dimension without compromising hair condition with the use of colour,’ says Birmingham.

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