The Communist Party of Cuba violates its rules and includes an octogenarian general in its Political Bureau

One year after the establishment of the 60-year-old limit to enter the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), the members of the group broke their own rules to include Army Corps General Ramón Espinosa Martín, 83, at the top of the organizationas reported by the newspaper Granma.

The state media reported that the members of the Central Committee of the PCC requested “an exception” to include the octogenarian military Cuban at the top of the organization.

Roberto Morales Ojeda, Secretary of Organization of the PCCdefended the relevance of including Espinosa Martín in the Political Bureau alleging “his long record of service as a military chief inside and outside of Cubahis fidelity to the leaders of the Revolution, his exemplarity and capacity as a trainer of cadres, among many other qualities”.

In the session of the IV Plenum of the Central Committee of the PCC, held this Tuesday, also was elected as a member of the Central Committee of the organization Yudi Mercedes Rodríguez Hernándezwho works as head of the new Department of Attention to the Services of the political party.

The others selected to integrate the leadership of the PCC They were Division General Ricardo Rigel Tejeda, head of the Eastern Army, Osnay Miguel Colina, first secretary of the political party in Villa Clara, and the heads of the Central Committee’s Departments of Organization and Cadre Policy, Roberto Pérez Jiménez and Humberto Camilo Hernández, respectively.

With the inclusion of Espinosa Martín add up to five Cuban military that make up the Political Bureau of the PCC along with ten other civilians.

The other military make up the Political Bureau of the PCC Central Committee are Division General Lázaro Alberto Álvarez Casas, Minister of the Interior; Army Corps General Álvaro López Miera, Minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR); Brigadier General José Amado Ricardo Guerra, secretary of the Council of Ministers and Brigadier General Luis Alberto Rodriguez Lopez-Calleja, head of the military conglomerate GAESA.

Espinosa Martín, who is a veteran of the wars of angola and Ethiopia, he currently serves as the first deputy minister of the FAR.

Despite the fact that Raúl Castro promised in 2016 the establishment of an age limit to be promoted to the leadership of the PCC, which was set at 60 years as the maximum age to enter the Central Committee and 70 to hold leadership positions, The first violation of the agreement comes just one year after it was made to favor an octogenarian military man.

The age limit for managerial positions established with the purpose of renewing and rejuvenating PCC cadres breaks down at a time when the Cuban authorities themselves have acknowledged their concern over the reluctance shown by the island’s youth to join the organization.

Last March it was Morales Ojeda himself who described “worrying” number of youths that does not transit from the UJC to the PCC and recommended extending the ideological political work not only to their work or study centers, but also to “digital environments”, during a meeting on the Isle of Youth.

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