The companies of the Faculty of Medicine renounce the works

The Temporary Union of Companies (UTE) Medikuntzawhich was to carry out the construction of the future Faculty of Medicine and Nursing of the UPV/EHU in Bilbao has given up workalleging that rising costs prevent him from taking on jobs that should have started this summer. The withdrawal has left the contest emptyso the public universitya must tender again the contract, which amounted to more than 53.4 million of euros. This will mean a construction delay and start-up of the new university pole.

View of the triangular site, now a car park, where the new university block will be built. Paul Vines

The future building, which will house the faculties of Medicine, Nursing and Physiotherapy, will complete the university district that the Basurto area will become. Built on a triangular plot adjoining the Basurto Hospital, which is currently used as a car park for the health center staff, the block is characterized by a unique design in the shape of a three-tine comb to be able to adapt to a footprint of just 5,300 m2 of surface.

It will have between five and eight floors, plus an underground one with more than a hundred parking spaces, due to the difference in elevation of the land of almost ten meters. The block will house 71 classrooms, 206 offices for teachers and 191 laboratories that will be used by some 3,000 people each school day.

The forecast was that the works could begin last spring or early summer with the aim that, with the building completed in 36 months and, after the conditioning of the spaces, it could be inaugurated for the 2025/2026 academic year.

The UPV put the works out to tender on October 15, 2021, with a budget of 53.4 million. Only the companies Construcciones Adolfo Sorbino SA, Altuna y Uría SA and Cycasa Canteras y Construcciones SA participated in the tender, with the commitment to formally constitute a joint venture in the event of being awarded. After verifying that the offer met all the requirements set out in the specifications, the university’s Contracting Committee awarded the contract on March 4, for 53.3 million euros, a similar amount for which it went out to tender. The companies had previously been established in the UTE Medikuntza, although the contract was never formalized.

Cost increase

Nevertheless, On July 28, the successful bidders submitted a letter requesting the resignation of the contractdue to the “extraordinary and disproportionate” increase in construction costs since the offer was submitted – which the firms themselves estimate at 20% – made it “impossible to undertake the contract under the agreed terms as it would be enormously burdensome for it” .

Thus, the UPV has finalized the award this same month of August, without penalizing the companiess since the resignation was due to reasons that occurred after the submission of your offer and none of the circumstances foreseen to require 3% of the base bidding budget concur.

This waiver forces the UPV to put the works out to tender again of the Faculty of Medicine, which will delay its construction and start-up.



Basement. The faculty will have a parking lot with just over 100 spaces in the basement, which will also house two dining rooms, changing rooms, warehouses, technical offices…

grade hall

At street level. The two undergraduate classrooms will be located on the ground floor, next to the center’s secretariat, the library and the study rooms.


Variable surface. The 71 classrooms and seminar rooms, with a variable surface area, will be distributed between floors 1, 2 and 3.


Spaces. The three disciplines require special spaces such as a morgue to store the corpses with which to practice, an animal facility with cages and, or toxic waste warehouses.

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