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John Mendoza García believed that with his score of 950 he could get a place to study medicine at a public university.

He achieved that score in the last Senescyt test, but did not obtain a place in any university. This Manabi bachelor does not know how he was left out, since he knew of other students who would have obtained less than 950 points after the tests and did manage to access Medicine.

John’s father, Henry Mendoza, said his son, who is about to turn 19 and graduated last year, is unmotivated. He tried hard, but despite this he could not enter the career to which he aspired.

A similar frustration is replicated in high school graduates from other provinces, who aspired to enter the Medicine career, but were left out.

In Ecuador, of the 2,000 careers in higher education establishments, Medicine is one of the five most in demand, but with few places in public universities. The State of Guayaquil and Central of Quito have high demand, but, for example, the latter opens only 250 spaces.

David Argoti, a bachelor who lives in Quito, aspired this year to obtain a quota for Medicine at the Central University or ESPE.

It was his second attempt, since the previous year he obtained 941 points and failed to enter. In these months he was preparing for the second test and reached 946 in the Transform test.

After accepting a university quota, what is the process that high school graduates must follow?

Pablo Argoti, David’s father, has a stable job, but points out that he cannot afford that career at a private university for his son, since the costs per semester are “unaffordable.”

“My son is a good student, it is unfortunate that he is left without a place because a greater number of places are not offered for boys who do have aptitudes. He is already going for a year without studying”, he says worried.

This father of a family has doubts about how these quotas are distributed and that they leave hundreds without the possibility of entering a public university.

Last March, the Transformar test was taken to access the public university. Senescyt Photo: The Universe

For this last application process, some 225,000 students were registered for all careers. Alejandro Ribadeneira, secretary of Senescyt, admitted days ago that despite the 25% increase in quotas, about 85,000 high school graduates are left out of the higher education system due to lack of quotas.

Every year there are hundreds of high school graduates who, having almost no place in a medical school, with no other alternative, must choose different careers or Nursing.

Milagro State University will enter to offer the Medicine career. This is how you can apply for a spot

Juan Pablo Lavayen, who obtained 950 points in the second semester of 2020, wanted to study Medicine, but it did not work out for him and he had to opt for the Nursing option, but with the idea of ​​changing later. He says that along the way he found out that other students with lower scores were able to study medicine.

“I chose to access the career that I placed as a second option, which was Nursing. The initial plan is to be in Nursing for one semester and then make a career change, I did the whole procedure for the career change, but they did not validate me even after the first and second semesters, I did not try anymore so as not to waste time”, Lavayen points out.

In Guayas, the only public university that has Medicine is the State University of Guayaquil. The State University of Milagro will enter to offer that career this year. (I)

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