“The conditions of Pavoletti and Godin! Dalbert, Strootman, Keita, Joao, Izzo… ”- SOS Fanta

November 25, 2021 at 13:45

The crucial challenge in terms of salvation is the one that awaits Cagliari tomorrow. At 8.45 pm, Walter’s team Mazzarri will face Salernitana in the advance of the 14th matchday of Serie A. This is the report from the infirmary, reported by one hundred “Godin remains still due to muscle fatigue (to be evaluated), the same thing for Pavoletti. The long-term residents Rog, Ladinetti and Faragò are always in the pits ”, we read.

SPEAKS MAZZARRI – Then here are the words of the coach at the press conference, always reported by one hundred “Dalbert? I do not want to give advantages to the opponents. Today and tomorrow morning I will try Dalbert with the team but no one knows who plays yet. Tomorrow I will decide ”.

YOUNG PEOPLE – “I never look at the identity cards of my players, I look at how they train. For example, when I arrived I hadn’t seen Grassi well. Now that he is training in a certain way, I have chosen him as a starter. It applies to everyone and everyone must understand it. We cannot ignore the athletic condition in modern football, look at the Champions League. In Italy everyone goes to a thousand and if you don’t run as fast as the others you can’t show the technical values ​​”.

PAVOLETTI – “Pavoletti tries today but has never trained, let’s see. The points? I don’t make tables, let’s do it as much as possible. If you play a certain way, you score points with everyone. Now we only think about tomorrow’s final, and then we think about it. Also because after three days we are in Verona. Slowly I am recovering some players. Then I don’t make plans ”.

STROOTMAN – “Yes, he’s trained well, when I talk about recovered players I also think about the changes. Eleven is not enough today. Deiola also pressed the goalkeeper when he entered, and in fact in the final we grew up in Sassuolo. This is why I am happy with the recovery of all the players. He is growing in condition. Also Oliva has made progress. The more I have, the better. This change rule shows how football is changing, and we need to be at the top. “

IZZO – “We don’t think about the transfer market, now we only think about our players then we’ll see in January. Now I have to trust the players I have. I hope not to see our players candidates to go away with their minds elsewhere, because we are in a situation that is not positive and we cannot do it ”.

BELLANOVA – “I look at the pitch, he’s doing well. Bellanova must keep his head on his shoulders and he can have a great future. The important thing is that you don’t get upset, now the best part comes “.

JOAO AND KEITA – “Joao and Keita are two important players. Joao runs for the whole team, he is a leader with facts, fields as well as skills. From Keita I expect even more, in the defensive phase. He is young and when he finds the condition he will give us a lot. From tomorrow I hope to see progress ”.

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