the controversy swells after the comments of the casting director on Zendaya

In an interview with varietya casting director has revealed that Zendaya almost didn’t get the role of young drug addict, Rue Bennett, in the hit series Euphoria.

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After playing KC Cooper on the show Agent KC on Disney Channel, Zendaya completely changed register by accepting the role of Rue Bennett in Euphoriaa fiction created by Sam Levinson and produced by Drake, broadcast in France on SCO. Featuring high school students, the drama explores many themes, such as trauma, friendships and love, and addiction. Indeed, the character of Zendaya has struggled with drug addiction since the death of her father. Hailed for her performance in the drama, the actress was honored at the prestigious Emmy Awards ceremony. But did you know that the ex-Disney Channel star almost didn’t get the role of the young teenager?

Zendaya almost didn’t get the role of Rue in Euphoria

In an interview with varietypublished last Monday, the casting director of the series Euphoria, Jennifer Venditti, said Zendaya almost didn’t get the role of Rue in favor of a young unknown who is not an actress. “There was a young woman who had been scouted by my team, a wonderful person who had had a similar trajectory to Rue and who had crossed over to the other side. But, with a television series, it can represent several years of work.And to add:We all loved her, but when we went through the rigors of the process, we weren’t sure if she could handle what it would take in terms of endurance.” The casting director and Sam Levinson, the creator ofEuphoriafinally preferred the rising star of Hollywood, Zendaya who did not yet “none of Rue’s life experiences“but who put all her soul into her performances, especially in the second season. A performance hailed by the profession which nominated her in the category of best actress in a drama series at the next Emmy Awards.

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Zendaya has already made television history

Last month, the Emmy nominations fell. Zendaya picked up a second nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. She thus became the youngest person nominated twice for the Emmys, at only 25 years old. But that’s not all ! The singer-songwriter made television history as the youngest producer nominated at the prestigious ceremony thanks to the series Euphoria nominated in the category of Best Drama Series. It remains to be seen if the actress will win one or more awards on September 12!

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