The coppery hair with highlights is the most of the season

The coppery hairalso known as ‘hair copper’ is trending this summer Y ‘celebrities’ What Julia Roberts either Zendaya They have already taken it. And it is that it looks good with any skin tone, also do not worry if you have the afro hair either curlybecause this color does not distinguish and feels equally good to all.

On the other hand, there are those who prefer to join another ‘must have’ of the season with this same shade of hair, but with highlights. Best of all, the wicks help rejuvenate the face without risking too much. In case you do not want such a radical change, it is best that you opt for the ‘balayage’. We tell you how to take them so you can order them at the hairdresser and go to the last

A ‘must have’ of the season: coppery hair with beige highlights

the wicks of beige in the hair copper feel great. They give a renewed air to your hair and allow glow up your face. On the other hand, they are very elegant Y sophisticated. It is a shade that is very flattering if your highlights are chunkyie thick. In this way you will achieve that the contrast is more noticeable and your styling is very original and bold. You sure don’t take this one off summerbut not during the autumn-winter season.

A ‘must have’ of the season: coppery hair with pink streaks

Another summer ‘must have’ in terms of highlights with coppery hair are those of pink colour. Being a light tone, it is very rejuvenating and ideal for those looking to look younger. According to experts, the older we are, the lighter our hair color should be. This is because the dark colors they intensify expression lines and wrinkles more, while with a few reflections we manage to soften them.

If you want take away your years above, you can also ask for a contouring. It is a technique that consists of playing with different shades and depths of the highlights around the face. Depending on the shape of your face, your hairdresser will highlight one part or another of your hair more.

A ‘must have’ of the season: coppery hair with blonde highlights

The last time we put in the search engine TikTok ‘copper hair with blonde highlights’, we got eight and a half million hits. So yes, it is one of the strongest trends of the season, but also of the rest of the year. Their contrast It’s beautiful and also very cool. If your haircut is ‘bob’ and besides, your hairstyle is wavy and you have fringeyou can look at how the singer Alba Reche take this combination of colors and ask your trusted hairdresser. Likewise, blonde highlights also sweeten the most marked features.

A ‘must have’ of the season: coppery hair with balayage highlights

In 2021 the ‘balayage’ in copper hair were the most popular in summer. This year, without a doubt, they are again. It is a trend which is perfect for those who have never done highlights, but want to change their look. And they are very subtle and durable, and the best thing is that they do not touch the root. The result is very natural.

How to maintain copper hair

Now that you know what are the highlights that are in fashion this season, it’s your turn to know how to keep them so that with the sun, chlorine and sea water they don’t spoil you too much. You have to keep in mind that the coppery manes They are very sensitive to UV rays and tend to lose their brightness. In this sense, it should be noted that dyed hair tends to become more fine Y brittle. For this reason, before dyeing yourself with this shade, you have to be aware that it requires specific care so that its luminosity lasts longer.

To keep it hydrated, it is best to resort to masks and opt for a shampoo for hair dyed in this shade, and with neutral pH. The best choice are those without sulfateswell help maintain the color and help your hydration. Remember that colored hair tends to tend to dryness. To remedy this, choose products that are designed to solve this problem. On the other hand, it is not advisable to wash your hair until two days after having done the dye treatment. Similarly, it is not recommended that you abuse the use of dryers, plates either forceps. Try air drying.

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