The corridors of La Paz are filled again after the collapse of the emergency room: “We make war medicine”

The Emergencies of the Hospital de La Paz in Madrid are back overflowed. Doctors and nurses report that patients have been forced to sleep again in the corridors before the collapse in the rooms, some of which have come to accommodate double their capacity. “This is inhumane,” he laments. Guillen del Barrioemergency nurse.

The health professionals notified the duty judge on Wednesday afternoon of what had happened. They fear that “a misfortune could happen tomorrow due to the mismanagement of the center and that the responsibility falls on them.” The lack of personnel, material resources and infrastructures has become an endemic evil in the hospital.

A situation that doctors have denounced countless times. Just three weeks ago, the media echoed images that showed the care overload at the center, with full waiting rooms and patients confined for up to five days in the pits for lack of a room on the floor.

Given the large number of protests and the pressure generated, the hospital hired temporary backup staff, but when their contracts expired, the places were not replaced. “The situation seemed to have improved. During these two weeks the appointments have gone at the speed of light. But as soon as we get out of the media spotlight, everything goes back to being the same botch as before,” criticizes del Barrio.

The doctor recriminates the management disinterest for “solving this disaster” and ensures that what happened in the second half of January is a sign that it is perfectly possible for emergencies to work well. The problem, he points out, is that “they don’t offer back-end solutions, just patches.” In fact, del Barrio suspects that patients and ambulances are being diverted to other centers and even postponing surgeries and releasing them early to whitewash the seriousness of the issue.

The professionals do not understand the lack of empathy with patients, who are the ones who “suffer first-hand the consequences of delays and lack of resources.” He explains that do tests that require removing clothing in crowded rooms or sleeping in the corridors is the usual tonic in these overflowing circumstances.

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