The countdown of LeBron James to be the top scorer in history

178 points left. The countdown for LeBron James to become the all-time leading scorer in the NBA is coming to an end. The objective is, first, to equalize and, later, surpass the 38,387 points of Kareem Abdul Jabbar to extend his legacy to one of the impossible frontiers in basketball history. The doubt is: When will LeBron break the record?

James to achieve that mark, if nothing goes wrong, just before the NBA All-Star game on February 19 in Utah. There he would be honored after beating the legendary Kareem with the Lakers. All eyes go to the same dates: between February 5 and 10 if you respect the averages.

The countdown

How many points does LeBron James have left?

LeBron James has 178 points remaining after his 46 (with a record of nine triples) against the Los Angeles Clippers. The next destinations on the calendar are the back-to-back against the San Antonio Spurs and a tour of the East that will take him to Boston, Brookyln and Indiana.

Approximately, If he maintains his professional career average of 27 points per night, he will fall on February 10 (Spanish time) against the Milwaukee Bucks. And if he goes up to 29, which is roughly his average for the course, it will happen last night against the Oklahoma City Thunder at the former Staples Center. It could even be sooner, against the New Orleans Pelicans, if he keeps scoring 36 per game, which he’s been doing since he turned 38.

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