The country where ‘Barbie’ has flopped at the box office despite being a worldwide hit

Event barbie continues unabated. greta gerwig movie It continues to conquer the box office practically all over the world, and in Spain, despite being released almost a month ago, it is doing great in cinemas. 2nd most watched movie In theaters this weekend, (back only). megalodon 2), according to the Ministry of Culture, another two million euros were added to the collection.

Overall, in three weeks the film has been able to enter Spanish cinemas €23 million (33rd highest grossing in history), while at the international box office it is already Close to 1,200 million. film starring margot robbie It has caused an uproar in almost all countries, although it has been withdrawn in some countries such as Algeria. but in others it hasn’t reached that point barbie He has not lived any imaginary experience as far as going through cinema halls is concerned.

Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie in ‘Barbie’

‘Barbie’ fails in South Korea

Apart from Kuwait and Lebanon, where it has been banned, it is one of the countries where the project focused on the legendary doll has not been successful. South Korea, And the main reason, although with different underlying causes, is the same as in Algeria: feminism that pervades the tape. But to understand the shock of the Warner Bros. film in South Korean theaters, one must first understand socio-cultural context Asian giant.

Despite being one of the most ‘Western’ countries in the whole of Asia, South Korean society still has many characteristics. reluctance to feminism. as an activist in Guardian, The movement has not been well accepted by South Koreans; In fact, it is quite the opposite: it is believed to symbol of rebellion. and the thing is this country is one of the worst gender equality is concerned, which ranks last in both the OECD countries and the glass ceiling indices in this regard.

Margot Robbie during the presentation of ‘Barbie’ in Seoul
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Besides, this anti-feminist crisis isn’t over yet President of the Nationconservative Yoon Suk Yeol has claimed Abolish the Ministry of Equality and even called feminism a movement “Who Wants to Make Men Criminals”. so it’s no wonder barbie That hasn’t caught on in the South Korean market, where the data has been abysmal compared to the rest of the planet.

‘Barbie’ sells eight times fewer tickets

barbieTaylor Swift’s Upcoming Film Whose Cinematographer Has Been Praised Doesn’t Even Make Money four lakhs In cinemas in South Korea, the bus is over 460,000 entries during its first three days in theatres. By comparison, the same weekend the film was released in the country, Mission Impossible: Deadly Judgment Part 1 It grossed over five million at the box office, with ticket sales exceeding 3.6 million.

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