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Federica Masolin protagonist of the Italian GP also thanks to a photo with a Hollywood star in skimpy attitudes.

federica masolin
Federica Masolin (GettyImages)

The Italian GP it unites not only motoring enthusiasts, but also a country that has made sport its pride in the last period. Thus, in addition to the engines, near the racetrack, it is possible to see anyone. From Totti to the most famous stars of the Italian and international jet-set. Not only VIPs, but also professionals at work.

Ask to Federica Masolin who, on behalf of Sky Sport, has been telling and recounting the exploits of the pilots with professionalism and talent for some time. The journalist is also a beautiful woman, which is why she populates the most sought-after catwalks as well as television studios. An environment that could be for you, but she prefers to tell the sports news: everyday life made up of emotions, times and moments to capture.

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Federica Masolin, special hug at the Monza GP: the social snapshot

Banner for Federica Masolin in Monza
Banner for Federica Masolin (Screenshot from Instagram)

In the midst of all this, however, there is also a way to get excited by close encounters (not of the third type) that can open up to more different scenarios: Vin Dieselin fact, he noticed it in the paddock reserved for the press. The “Fast & Furious” actor could not escape the penetrating gaze of the reporter: first the spark and then the photo was taken. The embrace between the two seemed, however, anything but informal.


Detail that has not escaped the fans, who cannot stop fantasizing: the suggestion is there, also because the Masolin he has shown – with his charm and his intelligence – that he can steal anyone’s heart. Maybe that of Vin Diesel he put the fourth: too early to say, but surely the reporter is able to over-rev the engine even to those accustomed to the most acclaimed stars.

Indeed, precisely for this reason, Vin Diesel he may have caught something different than usual to be enthralled and capture in a flash an instant that could even be destined to repeat itself. Monza has always been the scene of fairy tales, whether they are sports or real life, it makes no difference.

To see Federica Masolin’s photo with the Hollywood star – CLICK HERE


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